TARGA Tasmania 2021- Daytona Coupe, Pure Sound

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  • ℹ️ Published 1 years ago

Follow Andrew Clingeleffer & Nicole Bryan as they compete at TARGA Tasmania 2021 with their 2019 Daytona Coupe

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You can feel the torque through your speakers. *bliss*

Author — onnovanbraam


It looks soo cool how you can see the dirt moving from the side exhausts when it gets close to the dirt

Author — 501st Egg


Great driving, no show-off black lines every corner just very smooth and quick.

Author — Peter Shearman


This car was built at Daytona Sportscars in Dromana Victoria by James & John the engine was built there as well by Charlie the Car runs a GM LS7 engine and a Holinger dogbox! The whole car was designed and built in Australia to a very high standard including independent suspension, chassis, body and even the diff is custom built nothing to do with with any other Daytona replicas!

Author — william schoots


Really great car, built and set up really well

Author — Bernard Warr


Very smooth driving style; looking after the car. Doesn't appear to be going that quick, but I bet due to the lack of theatrics, the times were good.

Author — David Hunn


Awesome machine 👌 Pete Brock USA is the man behind the build & supply of it. Peter Brock Aust RIP died in one.

Author — Wayno


Flat around the corners and accelerates hard!

Author — Roman Macias


About the only thing I don't like about this car is it's not in my garage right now. Other than that, it's an awesome beast.

Author — Bryndal Dwyre


Legit sounds like Mad Max 2 engine Interceptor

Author — Stickdeath1980


Is the car supercharged, or are they just straight gears? Or both!? What a sound though ... demonic.

Author — Joseph Stearn


can you do one of the white R33 GTR, GTR 747 i think is what they are called

Author — Alex Cowboi