How Can Quercetin Function as a Zinc Ionophore?

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  • ℹ️ Published 12 months ago

On this episode of "Ask Dr. J", Dr. Jaffe is asked to explain how quercetin can function as a zinc ionophore and raise intracellular zinc and whether or not we can speculate on dosing. Tune in to hear what Dr. J has to say!

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Will taking Quercetin and Zinc together daily help combat the replicating of all variants of COVID19?

Is it ever being seriously studied?

I ask you this because my wife and I at age 73 took the two together along with magnesium and a few other supplements daily over the past 9 months.

Recently my wife and my blood tested positive for reactive COVID19 antibodies and both of us had no serious; if any symptoms. Cheers

Author — Thomas Fraser


Dr. Jaffe, can you comment on this. Something I saw elsewhere: "The problem has been that the oral bioavailability of quercetin supplements (quercetin dihydrate) is poor.
According to the Merck Index, "quercetin dihydrate is practically insoluble in water." This means that ingesting most quercetin supplements does not provide a meaningful quantity to the cells where it exerts its multiple beneficial effects." Please explain the difference between quercetin and quercetin dihydrate. What TYPE of quercetin should we be buying in order to get the maximum benefits?

Author — trade0714


Any recommendations of Zinc & Quercetin Dihydrate with choline citrate, magnesium as a maintenance dose?

Author — LT Ohmmm


Is this man a medic ? Does he have qualifications in medicine or biochemistry ? What are his qualifications to use the letter Dr before his name ? I was surprised to hear an educated man describe Zinc as a molecule. I always thought of it as an Ion - a positively charged one.

Author — Professor Parrot


So one would take quercetin dihydrate, zinc, choline citrate & magnesium all at the same time?

Author — LT Ohmmm


Keep in mind Quercetin is a thiamine antagonist!
Also, some of us Mast Cell patients have found that dosing quercetin above 1000 mgs a day is tough on our kidney function. I highly recommend you haveyour doctor run a GFR periodically, if you dose above 1000 mgs a day. And you need to talk to your Dr about a schedule for running GFR, and make sure it gets repeated. I found I needed to stick to 1000 mgs. Quercetin or GFR went out of range.

And I am going to be working on the thiamine status. It's complicated to fix. There are needed co-factors, and once you supplement, pathways get kickstarted, and you'll need other B's, and that requires some care (especially with B-6). You'll probably need postassium too, not just the co-factors.🤷‍♀️

Author — Tinker B


Can we not get all these different elements from food rather than from supplements??

Author — A E