Would-be thief gets a taste of small town justice

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Would-be thief gets a taste of small town justice 4.5
Some are calling it La Crosse justices after a man stole another man's wallet and ended up getting tackled, hog-tied and left in the middle of Main Street for the police to find him. KXLY4's McKay Allen reports.

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I just love it when Old Fellers, whoop ass on young thugs. These two dudes are cool.

Author — Lolo Reese


Then June sat on him.. damn that made me laugh. I wonder what June looked like!!

Author — BrightonTom23


even a pizza guy can get to your house faster than a cop

Author — Qaib Dej


"Until the police arrived 20 minutes later" Oh my god!! That's enough time to bake a chicken pot pie!

Author — Elliott Rollins


'June came over and sat on him' lol I wanna see June.

Author — Johnny Bloggs


"Then June came over and sat on him".

Great line.

Author — Stu_Lopher


Two "old men" arrest a guy and no shots were fired. They should run the police academies. :-)

Author — Mike Cimerian


what took the cops so long to get there, was it the jelly donuts that delayed them?

Author — paul mydonick


"..an then June came over an sat on em.."   haha June must be the fat friend lol

Author — WAgunfun


This man buys you gas, takes you in his home, feeds you, and you rob him?! Some people are hopeless! He's lucky they even called the police. Some small towns would have made a special fishing trip with cinder blocks and rope involved.

Author — Kevin B


That old man got some super grip from years of labour on the farm. Probably could slap the skin clean off your face.

Author — Mohammed Abshir


Hell yeah, old guys kicking ass! I'd totally buy both of them a round of beers.

Author — B DAWG


More useless democrats going to jail.. good day

Author — Robert E Lee


"...until the cops arrived 20 minutes later."  Gee, what would we ever do without the cops?!

Author — Alexplorer


Good on the 2 cousins. They were lucky to be in that country. In mine (Australia) they would of been fined heavily as the robber was fleeing and they pinned him down that may have resulted in a injury. While the robber would have been compensated and given more counciling and benefits. Left wing stupidity at it's finest.

Author — reticulan5


"Then June sat on him"... What in tarnation?

Author — MaxiiBoii


LOL I love this good for these guys we need more of this today. 

Author — Nate Green


"Upside the melon" - I haven't heard that since the 60's - busted me up laughing :)

Good guys takin' care of business small town style.

Author — Lyle Stavast


'June came and sat on him' Lol

BTW, what a nice old guy, paying for his petrol, and cooking him something to eat. : )

Author — James James


who were the 393 thumbs down -speak up people, what's the problem here?

Author — downeybill