Playboy millionaire or saint? - The case of Florian Homm | DW Documentary

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Playboy millionaire or saint? - The case of Florian Homm | DW Documentary 4.5
Sex, drugs & dollar bills - ex-banker Florian Homm lived a life of excess. Although the bachelor has swapped prostitutes for prayer, he remains one of the FBI's Most Wanted. Find out more in FROM HELL TO HEAVEN - THE CASE OF FLORIAN HOMM.

A successful career on the stock market ended with allegations of defrauding investors and fixing stock prices. Now Florian Homm claims to be a devout Catholic. He's cracked his cocaine addiction and now teaches economics - of course, by the book. But he faces a 225-year jail sentence if he steps foot on US soil.


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for one thing... he sure has some millions somewhere, , , ...

Author — ABM W


the banks are only breaking the law a little bit. steal a dollar, you go to jail, steal a billion, you get to be king

Author — randy rysdale


Live a simple and good life. We all end up the same way. Shame there is so much greed in the world when all people could be housed, educated and have food and fun together. It's a funny old world

Author — KJMax


As the great Bob Marley wrote "once a man and twice a child, and everything is is just for a while".
We are mortals who need the immortal spirit and money cannot give us fulfillment.

Author — thenowchurch


Wow, Florian is just about one of the few Ponzi Scammers, to ever get away with it. Quite the quintessential con artist. So, he found religion, how convenient!

Author — Skye Masterson


admitted he does not know concept of conscience, also did not understand that it was not ok to disappear leaving investors dry (aka "you can do whatever you want") - sounds like a clear case of sociopath.

Author — tom jens


He's hiding cash for sure, they all do

Author — Tobias baines


He's still an entrepreneur because he found the ultimate money spinner ..religion !

Author — Jasmine Jones


He acts like a sociopath. Sitting there puffing on his cigar with his head thrown back, claiming he did nothing wrong.

Author — northofyou33


he says he can quit his job anytime. As if he were just an employee on a time clock; what a con man. True faith would want to pay back all teh people he ripped off/ get off his addiction to cigarettes and gambling. The guy is a charlatan even in his faith. What a loser.

Author — David Azinger


At the end, his English let's him down: he uses "earning" money, when he actually means "stealing" money...Of which he was always very proficient.

Author — Mountain Jayce


He knows money cannot buy happiness. He had been there.

Author — Ha Nguyen


Really Sex and Drugs is successful/glamorous/ something to be envied/copies?

Author — Tiempo Nuevo


I love watching this every time! However, DW didn't really explain in great detail what Florian Homm did that was so wrong. We just know that he made a few immoral trades. He has a great personality nonetheless; it just needs to be channeled in an ethical direction.

Author — Ndubisi Onuora


From one corrupt institution to another!

Author — karen kaiser


So he tells his daughter he wanted 5 sons to run his company!!! Nice....

Author — Hello hello hello !!!!


Meanwhile the big bankster frauds carry on silently- he was too loud when he learnt their tricks

Author — Free Ops


legend he touch the sky and realized it's not as good as it looked from the bottom looking up.

Author — king of Africa


i think he is quite a sinister man. i feel for his daughter she needs to flee and make a good life for herself

Author — ric david


Next move... Tele-Evangelism!... Hahaha...

Author — HCosta Pintor