New Anunnaki Documentary 2019 They Look Human and They Are Still Here

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New Anunnaki Documentary 2019 They Look Human and They Are Still Here 4.5
The anunnaki were an advanced civilisation who travelled was distances to mine gold, according to many researchers, this was in order to save their planet. Some of the people in this documentary are in direct contact with these beings, some also claim they are still here and running the world from behind the scenes. Is a powerful group preparing us to help us process the truth about our ancient past.

We also take a look at the waring factions of the Anunnaki and the ongoing mission to oust the malevolent Anunnaki who reside in positions of power through various alliances with other self serving forces. Remember, Anunnaki means those who came from Heaven to Earth. Some operated under Universal Law and were in service to Creation others were self-serving taking advantage of primitive people. There were many attempts to colonize Earth and many Star Nations were involved.

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We are still an illusion of freedom.

Author — joanna freedom


Apparently I've watched everything on Youtube and this is all that's left.

Author — John Putman


They should make a Netflix series about the anunnaki

Author — Hashem Haza


Maybe they don't look human maybe we look annunaki

Author — Nancy Volker


"I have non-human blood"


Author — Bookwyrm


There is one more thing dangerous than Aliens and.that is people who think.they know it all....

Author — SNU_SNU 323


Maybe there was an even higher civilizsation before Annunaki came.

Author — leilani g


And now today, instead of spraying gold into the atmosphere, we spray aluminum.

Author — Scarakus


The Pharaoh's mask had a bird and a snake. Basically Enlil and Enki.

Author — Unhinged savagE


Watching this made me devolve back into a primeval sea urchin.

Author — The Shamanarchist


I belive in the Annunaki, I do not believe any of these people in this Video have met them...All talk. No proof..If they did meet them why do they not have EXACT answers for the most basic questions?...FAKERS!

Author — Armoni Q Fields


I think the emerald tablet holds a lot of weight

Author — Phil Arnold's CHANNEL LINEAGE


They're fallen angels, not aliens, paranormal activity is associated with them just like with demons.

Author — MultiMeli123


Anunnki i dont now?! Who build the pyramid?

Author — Linnea Dinesen


Who else is jamming to 'eye of the tiger' at 12:00

Author — Lorna J


long confusing story short: humanity United/supersized in truth(meekness)..truth grinds divi$ion too dust. unity solidifies our true power.
meekness is unity..integrity.

Author — son of perdition


They are definitely still here no doubt...they are us 👽👽👽

Author — Cosmic Avatar


There is lots of gold flying about the universe, also there is way more gold dissolved in our seas than on land so the amazingly advanced Anunnaki could not extract that? It just doesn't make sense that they would bother trying to mine the relatively small amounts from our Earth. Most of this is just fantasy. Yeh there is something odd about humans but this gold thing just does not add up and if you believe that we went to the moon in a tinfoil box....This can be disproved using high school science.

Author — scwottful


urANUs and all elohim (gods/planets) till the earth(ur) = annunaki(personification of them)
same characters are in all holy myths
stars, constellations, planets
sumerians wrote a prophecy for us

Author — summus sanctissimus


I don't know why people assume and insist that if another race could make it to Earth from some far away place in the galaxy, then they MUST have the ability to make fully efficient functioning robots for slaves etc etc. That's a lot of assumptions, what if they had only JUST mastered the craft of interstellar travel but still hadn't mastered AI, look at us, we've been able to go to the Moon for decades but are still far from mastering AI or efficient humanoid robots. What if they discovered how to create, open or locate wormholes by accident and they just went exploring? Look at humans on Earth, as soon as we have a basic grasp on some new scientific theory we go steaming like a raging bull straight in at the deep end even though we don't know what we're doing! What if they had only just mastered the art of interstellar travel but still had many bugs to fix and had very limited resources, fuel, staff etc. There are countless scenarios that could explain why they came here and didn't take their own slaves. There could have been an emergency on their home planet that caused them to exit in a panic. Stay open people!

Author — Puli Ukko