Azadi | Kashmir, Hong Kong, Catalonia Separatism | Explained by Dhruv Rathee

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Azadi | Kashmir, Hong Kong, Catalonia Separatism | Explained by Dhruv Rathee 4

Why do some people want a separate country? What is the reason behind separatist movements? What are the results of these separatist movements, do they lead to better life for the citizens or worse? I explain all this in this video using the examples across the world -

- Hong Kong
- Catalonia
- Eritrea
- Kurdistan
- South Sudan
- Kosovo
- Timor Leste
- Kashmir

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Do see the last 2 minutes of this video, there are some amazing drone shots with teaser for next video :)

0:37 How to Create a Country?
2:45 Why Separatism Happens?
4:07 Success vs Failures 
7:59 Reaction of Main Country
10:35 Conclusion
12:52 Teaser for Next Video

Edit: Everyone asking why I didn’t mention Balochistan or Khalistan or any other region, please note that this video is not a full list of all regions where separatist movements have started. It’s using a few examples to explain the concept

Author — Dhruv Rathee


No Balochistan mentioned ... Not Even in as an example if it can or cannot be considered...

Author — ImDy


Why did u put china flag on tibet, on the has its own flag....and its one of the most beautiful

Author — Cardboard Boy


Why I hated civics in school?
It's so interesting if teacher is like you😂

Author — Lanom


Then there is KASHMIR that world love to skip just like you did.

Author — Super Zen Market


Correction*- Kurdistan not a part of only iraq it's part of iraq, syria, turkey, Armenia nd iran

Author — manoj shekhawat


He doesn't seem to know much about Hong Kong. 😅

Author — Diwakar Khadka


Imagine if there were no countries, like the whole world is one country with one currency, and social religious cultural matters are something that's not mixed with politics and economics and people believed in live and let live

Author — Piyu Sarkar


@ Rathee
Palestine is wanting independence from whom ? Actually Palestine is already a country and Israel was her part but some people divide it! And now Israel is expanding their borders 😑



10 second for Kashmir haha wow dhruv i wouldnot expect this from u atleast

Author — sam rashiid


Dhruv U Forgot To Mention Balochistan The Next Big Thing In Asia

Author — Robert Francis


Sorry sir, this is not right that you tagged Tibet with chinese flag. Apka rai thik hai lekin rashtrai janda k saath nahin sir please.

Author — Dhakpa Tenzin


Where is blochistan?
Asia ki new country banne jaa rha h blochistan

Author —


Bhai india ko kitna divide karenge in the name of religion already pakistan and Bangladesh

Author — include stdio.h


Y u putting a flag of china and gave a title of tibet, , u r completly wrong on this particular

Author — Tenzin Tsering


Please make a video in which *Principality of Sealand* is explained.

Author — K.S.P Technical


Correction: China-Hongkong treaty is of 50 years. Started in 1997 to 2047.

Author — Sambandha Gurung


Dint mention about Palestinians how their land was taken away

Author — shujauddin mohammed


Apna Kashmir wa-bhai-wa 😋
China ka Hong kong na-bhai-na🤬

Author — Mohan Pun


Where is Balochistan and sindh ?
U specially made this vid only for kashmir

Author — ADDA5545 - Official