Roger Federer joins us for the Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph v13 Tennis Racquet Review 🐐🇨🇭

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  • ℹ️ Published 1 years ago

He's here! Roger Federer makes a guest appearance on our review of HIS racquet! We dive into the heritage of the Pro Staff line and ask RF all about working with WILSON to make the peRFect racquet! He gives us some insight on his string setup, design and MORE!

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💬 Comments

Only Roger can make me watch a 14 min video about a cosmetic change on his racquet. And I want more 🤣 ... Great job TW, you're the best.

Author — Hugo Morais


There couldn’t be a better representative for tennis in the last 20 years. Being the goat is about more than just grand slams, even if he is surpassed in that category Roger will always be the greatest player ever

Author — Andrew W


I hope he is recovering nicely from the knee surgery. I can't wait to see him back in action next year!

Author — Matthew Higgins


Michelle did a great job even woth all the excitement we could see on her eyes. Interviewing Roger must fell out of this world, but she was super professional and gave us all the info we need. I am a proud client of tennis warehouse and i love all the reviews you guys do. Thank you

Author — Beto Taguchi


Honestly, when the PS97 review first came out, I found it pretty odd that TW reviewed just the PS97. Now, it all makes sense! A great review, and an amazing job for managing to get the man himself to feature in the review. A great testament to how influential TW is in tennis community.

Author — Sam Lee


Great 👍 to see Roger talking about the Pro Staff Heritage along with his string setups! Hope to see Roger make a comeback at the Australian Open in January. As far as I am concerned, he could play a with a frying pan and still be the greatest player who has played the sport of tennis 🎾!!!

Author — Ken Harris


Love to see Michelle’s excitement to have this opportunity. Nice interview!! Roger absolute legend and amazingly regular guy.

Author — Me E


I love how you actually show Rogers actual racket in some shots

Author — Jadon Lam


Wanted roger in the play test to kickass

Author — Fer Tirado


Thank you Roger for designing such a great racquet! It's been my stick of choice for over a year. When I miss, it's not my racquet's fault. My favorite racquet of all time and I go back to the Jack Kramer wood as a kid!

Author — Dan Gaskell


Pretty amazing, nice post. Even Roger seemed excited to discuss his rig.

Author — Sandro Battaglia


This style of review was great. I tried gut hybrid and found I was hitting the fences and messed up my strokes. Full poly at 54 16g felt great

Author — Ahelow


Thank you tenniswarehouse, i love you guys, thanks again for your passion and professionalism, you are way above any other tennis company.For years and years ive been walking the road with you.Chris, Michelle, Troy and everyone else. Thanks again for running a company with class and integrity and making my life more interesting. Tennis is love .

Author — Joe Herbert


I love when Michelle talks about her collection of RFS :D

Author — Edwin Vasquez


What a great interview Michelle! Roger is such a nice and friendly guy, he seems so down to earth. You are so lucky to have a chance to talk to the legend himself. We are so jealous :)

Author — BrianL


1:26 "fast court tennis". Those were the days! A time when attacking players get rewarded.

Author — Josh Bane


Every tennis Youtuber: uploads their review the RF97 Autograph v13 on youtube

TW: hold my fondue...🇨🇭🐐

Author — PLRNZOO


wow!!! the best racquet review ever!!! the RF97 is probably too heavy for most recreational players, but i will definitely demo the pro staff v13.

Author — Leon Yi


Wow! I just bought a RF 97 signature series racquet yesterday for my collection, in addition to a Yonex Ezone 98 Tour. Bought it, in homage of the three greatest serve- and- volley players with all court games that each raised the bar in modern tennis: Stefan Edberg, Pete Sampras and Roger Federer. I was lucky enough to see Roger Federer defend his AO title, in Melbourne in 2018.Looking forward to seeing the Swiss maestro back on the Tour and Down under, in the near future.🎾

Author — Dharmendra Vignaendra


The PRO STAFF used b/w 2007-09 was the best in the business .
Wonder why Federer changed racquets in 2010 !!!

Author — R T