Comfort in Distortion - Engineered to Epiphany. 2020. Progressive Metal. Instrumental. Full Album

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

01. Planets
02. Linked Dreams
03. Landscapes
04. My Dear
05. Melancholy
06. Back and Forth
07. Angel Wings
08. Riddle Jig
09. Igwya
10. Crown Me
11. Spaceships
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To the band: keep doing this. Some of the best melodic instrumental metal I've heard. Don't need a bunch of pyro technical wankery to make a great progressive metal album.

Author — FloydtheBarber


I seriously can't stop playing this album. Wish I had friends who appreciated prog... Thanks for sharing :)

Author — Luna Sky


this is pretty cool, an early melody reminded me of "heaven's a lie" but not like it sounded like it. the tones and recording are good too, hope for more stuff from this band going forward. be watching for ya

Author — The Atmosphere Factory


Thank you for all your comments. Very humbled that you took the time to listen to the album, much love!

Author — comfortindistortion


I have just discovered this little utter chance, sort of....It is really, really interesting. Well done man! this is a real engulfing composition and amazing playing....I hope you are proud of it and that more form it will come. We need music of this sort to keep us alive and thinking, feeling...Thank you and hope you are working on more!

Author — David Petrucci


Nice, very interesting balance of obscure beautiful and classic progressions.

Author — Wade Ingraham


I was looking for something like Guardian Knot, and this record is amazing. I'll keep it!!!

Author — TheyLive


This was great, found myself singing melodies to the tracks.

Author — Surrender Radio


Reminds me of Dream Theater. Without Petrucci. And without vocals. And without the keyboard acrobatics. OK, it doesn't remind me of Dream Theater. Except maybe in exceptional song composition. I can play this when I want high-quality heavy guitar music in the background, without vocals to distract my writing. I'm going to look for where I can buy this album.

Author — Cryptonite


Really great stuff. Thankful I just found this.

Author — Mykk Hannan


This is good stuff man, , really good

Author — Chris Boler


Congratulations Gary! Looking forwoard for your New album...



Shredder? No. (But then neither am I) Riff master? Oh yeah! And as awesome as shredding is, riffing, I think, is a more important skill. Good songs should have your head moving, and this offering moved mine quite a bit. Well done!

Author — Ian Wheeler


Awesome! I am looking for bands like earthside, any recommendations?

Author — Plant Power


mystic dreams and trawel in to the cosmos

Author — PiotrPawel