iPhone XS Max vs. Note 10 Plus camera comparison

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iPhone XS Max vs. Note 10 Plus camera comparison 4.5
Samsung's new Note 10 Plus has four sensors on the back of the phone and some fancy new tricks -- can last year's iPhone XS Max keep up?

CORRECTION: The Note 10 Plus is incorrectly labeled as the Note 10

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Samsung has the best wide angle lens on the market hands down. Let's see what the new iphone brings.



The Note 10+ is the overall winner! The iPhone XS Max put up a good fight!

Author — Blue Gene


Samsung do make some good looking phones

Author — GrumpyMan's REVIEWS


Note 10 has good colors on the photos...

Author — Ishan Hettiarachchi


Galaxy Note 10 + is winner. It's best in everytime anywhere.

Author — Rakib Hasan


If u just found out the benefit of the wide angle lenses in 2019, than you CNET is a very very poor tech reporter

Author — Simon C


You forgot tge 3d picture mode on the Samsung

Author — Lesego


I don't know whenever Samsung phones beat the iphones some of reviewers don't accept it completely. They start talking in if s and buts like "the feature is very good but i don't find it useful". On the other hand even a minor upgrade in apple iphone is celebrated and becomes the talk of the town. Just take the example of S-pen in this video she just completely ignores it's integrated features with camera. I mean come on apple lovers have some heart to say good to a good thing, be honest. Now just wait for iphone 11 pro phone review they will describe it like the thing never happened in this world or it is some alien technology that iPhones running on.

Author — rahul srivastava


Note 10 plus is huge better ever all smatphones!

Author — Glacier Family Treks


Samsung galaxy note 10+ is the best phone. Iphone is not even at the level of comparison with samsung note 10+.

Author — xthen rx


Everyone know that iPhone doesn’t have wide angle so you just can’t compare 🤦🏽‍♂️🙈

Author — Glendon Jhagroo


Wow what a great wide angle shot. Very beautiful photos.

Author — wow yman


I hope there's another comparison when the iPhone 11 Max Pro Special Edition or whatever it's going to be called comes out.

Author — Darryl Woodbury


Iphone comes with high price with low features.
Now, iPhone is far away back from other flagship phones. Best example is iPhone 11.
IPhone 👎👎👎👎👎💔💔💔💔💔
Samsung 👍👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤❤
One plus 👍👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤❤

Author — AVI


Note all the way iPhone is old and outdated. Besides there’s no change

Author — Zar O


I'll go with the Note 10+ did a better job!

Author — Eddie Jaeggi


She does not know what is talking about. It is 100% sure that the NOTE is better

Author — Ibrahim Dunga


Should have waited next week for Note 10 to iPhone 11 comparisons. That way both phones are 2019.

Author — therider04


iPhone lost for sure but let’s see what iPhone 11 pro can do.

Author — Lion king


Note 10+ all day.
iPhones will continue to rehash the same old, tired designs year after year... Nothin innovative anymore from Apple.

Author — WD Fourty