Ukrainian army 24h ration menu 2 (2018) - part 1/2

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Ukrainian army 24h ration menu 2 (2018) - part 1/2 4.5
Review of the newest Ukrainian 24h ration menu 2. The ration was made according to western standards and is a huge progress from the older version I reviewed.
The packaging is perfect, the FRH efficient and the quality of food is also much better.

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Ребята он просто так произносит ration-рацион как Russian. Все ок

Author — Andrew Aborigine


Оно так и произносится для тупоголовых не знающих английский язык. Нужно понимать по контексту, что это рацион, а не слово русский.

Author — newlegal


There is one mistake in this video: meal, which author named breakfast, is "Вечеря" - that mean supper. So morning and evening meals were swapped.

Author — Максим Колпак


ukrainian russian???
Ukraine and Russia are different countries !! People are different, the story is different, Russia is the enemy of Ukraine, the war is on

Author — CHookC GOROCH


Very cool ration. Wow very fresh, I don't think I have seen a review on a ration that fresh before. Kasha is awesome I love it. That is a very hearty breakfast. That lunch is huge, the little wheat crackers look like croutons. They would be good soaked in the juices from the pork. The lunch looked fantastic too. Would love to try one of these. Thanks for the review.

Author — Kahlest Enoch


Hey mate, how have you been? I'm glad to hear you had an excellent holiday in the Ukraine, and your Ukrainian ration was almost like a "memento" of your trip. Thanks for another great review :)

Author — lync1505


Very cool sir!  I had the old style, will try new version soon.  This A definite improvement, over the older style, agreed.  2018 ration, WOW!  I am glad the newer version, has FRH'S, and pouches, rather than cans.      Breakfast,  You mentioned ingredients, on breakfast  main, I automatically said, KASHA.    Dried fruit, chocolate, crackers, coffee, all looked good. Main was the shining star.  Cracker addition to kasha, great call. I would have done the same friend.     Dinner,    first of all, A lot of food, LOL !!  Crackers are different. That was great honey in the old ration. I know not as good as yours would be, but, it was great. Stewed pork looked awesome!  So did the   Barley with pork.  Curious friend, sugar still derived from sugar beets, correct.  I know, Most countries overseas are. I love it, and enjoy. We are just so used to sugar, over here, made from sugar cane. Both serve the purpose quite well.  Great part 1, great review, as always sir! I shall await your next installment. Peace, John.      P.S., as I have said before, if I may ever be of assistance, or help with American translations, or equivalent foods, please ask friend.     John.

Author — MultiMagnum62


Everything looks great so far Delicious! I had a kind of pre-release version of this and thought it was quite good. Thanks for sharing!

Author — Traversing Food


You came a long way since your early reviews. Massive improvements all around.

Author — 493950


Really nice video, want to try the food myself

Author — Elena Tertytsia


Cool review buddy, good thing you like kasha because you have been getting alot of it lately 😉.

Author — ASKARIwest


There seems to be a few rations lately which have a single bag and multiple heating pads. The future to come ? 👍

Author — Sam's World of Rations


Damn, sometimes my fellow countrymen are really made me ashame. Take my apologise for that behaviour and dont mind them, they just bit ignorrant but mean no evil. Great content! Looking forward for more videos!

Author — Максим Бередух


Maybe it tasted so good because it was so fresh being less then 3 months old... it's a rare treat to try super fresh food.. really shows the true taste of how it should be....Nice review as always buddy..- Drew78-

Author — ymisofly G


Nice Review Delicious. Can't wait to see the second part of it.

Author — Carsten Michel


Dinner after warming up bouth paks should be put in one dish. It should be KASHA with TUSHONKA in one time, not separated.

Author — Hi There


dislaid for the fact that they did not show dinner, which spoiled the impression of viewing

Author — Cromic


so many people lost load of money when this rations was accepted by ministry. there was whole system to feed those crappy canned food things to soldiers for inflated prices.
19:45 we do love our pork.

Author — Andy Didko


What does the Russian have to do with it?

Author — Орун Джамайка


Еще раз скадещ що ето росийский сух пай я тебя назер пошлю

Author — Игорь Бородай