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So now I'm going to talk about vibrato. First you need to set up your left hand position the right way. Now we spoke about how to set up your left hand in the first position but now we need to talk about the left hand positioning in the third position because that's where I like to start learning vibrato. Your hand in third position is rested at the shoulder of the instrument. I like also doing the second finger on the A string to start because it's the most centered finger, the strongest finger. My finger is on the tip of the fat of the finger, there's a nice platform here and that's how you start.

Then to vibrate what I usually do is, I put a little arrow on the finger going this way; that's the direction the finger has to go in. Back and up. So back and forth, back and forth. And as you can see the knuckle is going down and then it's going up. Going down and going up. So an exercise you can do is, that's an E on the A string, third position and then collapse it, back, back. Then you can do a slur. That's a two note slur. We can do four notes. Or you can do six. Then eight. And until you reach normal vibrato speed. You need to do that kind of vibrato for each one of your fingers.

When you vibrate also another issue that you have to think about is your arm position. Now we spoke about correct arm position is you're flat as a pancake here, everything is straight, nothing's sticking out. When you vibrate you do need your wrist; the most popular vibrato is wrist vibrato. So then you would do, this does come out when you flatten the finger a little bit. So the wrist is moving back and forth when you're doing that finger-wrist vibrato. You need to do that with all of the fingers.

The only exception is the pinky. The pinky fourth finger does not use as much wrist just because of the physicalness of the actual finger. You're still doing the same motion but it's just a little bit smaller. It's mainly the finger vibrato with just a little bit of wrist. That's how you would start to learn vibrato. Start slow. That's the vibrato.

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i remember my first tried to vibrate the violin rather than my hand XD

Author — Oishi


There's no better feeling then when someone who never has played the violin before.. finally.... gets noise :)

Author — TOP 100 Classical music


This actually finally helped. Visually seeing how to do it helps a lot while other people don’t really tell you any techniques or better exercises on how to develop a vibrato when you first learn

Author — Aimee Z


I feel like someone's holding her at gunpoint and making her do this

Author — Gavin Lopez


Thank you so much this helped me on my trail to learning vibrato at the end of 7th grade now in the middle of 8th and advanced orchestra able to do great vibrato. I've even done vibrato with a cast on my friends thought I was crazy and now I'm trying to teach my friends the same method they try to rush too much though I'll get them to learn it

Author — Mc


I have tried to do vibrato all my life and nothing has worked. This method that she is teaching seems to be the only one that well work for me.

Author — Jhon Adams


i cant do it without my violin wobbling!

Author — P Heart


I am a teacher and really appreciate your advice to start in third position. I will use this tip for my students now, thanks!

Author — The Violin Coach


Excellent!  Finally I learned how to vibrate the 4th finger. I have no trouble with the other fingers -- they produce a smooth and even vibrato -- but no one has ever taken the trouble to explain why my 4th finger vibrato always sounded so forced and contrived (and unpleasant). No wonder! I had been trying to do a wrist vibrato. Finger vibrato is the answer for this 4th finger. Thank you ever so much, Julie Artz Becker. Now that I'm 62 I'm finally ready to stop avoiding 4th-finger vibratos (I had been shifting all around the fingerboard in order to avoid this whenever possible.)

Author — Joanie Pietrafitta


The best lesson on vibrato I have herd yet. After watching this I pulled out my violin and followed her steps. It makes it much easier to train my fingers now.

Author — J.P. Biddlecome


Thank you, this is an excellent video, among the best I have seen. Many of my students have benefited from it.

Author — Angel Valchinov


Thank you so much, this help me a lot. Now I can do vibrato perfectly by just one video.

Author —


i was shaking my violin than vibrating my hand. its too tough

Author — Shana Banerjee


After months of practice, I finally was able to vibrato today.

Author — ebaute07


Thank you so much I'm practicing everyday I see a lot of videos how to make vibration just doesn't work but I think this is the most beautiful technique I will try it

Author — Soso Bk


thank you so much for your tutorial. I managed to do vibrato in a few days thanks to you. I cannot thank you enough for it.

Author — Alejandra Glez


Wow! Thank you very much! this video was extremely helpful to me in order to learn vibrato. I actually play the viola but I'm just assuming that the vibrato is essentially the same idea.

Author — Michael Anderson


I searched up “how to do the finger thingy on violin”

Author — Eli Clark


You make this seem like it is something you can learn in 5 minutes. I have played for 9 yrs and I only learnt this at my 2/3rd year.

Author — Jim Boli


In the introductory exercises, you're moving from your elbow, not the wrist joint. In the up to speed demonstration, you're moving from the wrist.

Author — Jim Plattes