Nerf MEGA | Series Overview & Top Picks (2020 Updated)

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0:00 Intro
2:08 Blaster Overviews
15:39 Firing Demo
19:57 Top Picks
22:04 Conclusion
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2:11 Centurion
2:51 Magnus
3:32 Thunderbow
4:24 Bigshock
4:41 Cycloneshock
5:20 Rotofury
5:45 Hotshock
6:12 Lightning Bow
8:23 DoubleBreach
9:04 Twinshock
10:01 TriBreak
10:49 Megalodon
11:37 Mostostrike
12:23 ThunderHawk
13:08 Bulldog
13:39 Talon
14:08 Fortnite Tactical Shotgun
14:57 the Freakin DESERT EAGLE
15:57 firing demo
19:57 top picks
Boom, your welcome

Author — @clhwhiffleball4418


I’m probably the only person but I actually really like the doublebreach. it’s always fun to use and play around with the loading system, makes it feel like an actual shotgun to me.

Author — @Armedvulcanstorm48


I really like the Cycloneshock and the RotoFury, and I've always wanted a Mega Mastodon. I also like the Megalodon. I do agree that the Mega Motostryke is a disappointment, especially considering how long I've wanted them to make something like it. Even though the standard Mega rounds aren't very accurate, it is really fun to hear them whistle.

Author — @tonyleccese2102


I believe the Mega Tri-Break could be considered an asset with friends who like to take the dart out of the blaster when you are in a stand-off! Prevents access.

Author — @zacharywalter9139


The Kronos and Magnus share one thing. In the updated series overviews, Coop recommends them over a lot of the other blasters

Author — @falconfury1302


this audio work here with cutting to a different shot that visualizes what coop is saying honestly was really clean and made me re-watch that part over a few times, especially how the audio from the visual shot of him talking perfectly merges in with the previous audio. great job coop! :D

Author — @ch3rry.mp4


I like how coop still gets giddy after sticking an elite dart into a mega dart and making that sound, it’s just wholesome lmao

0:32 you can see his happiness

Author — @srclapple7556


n strike equivelents of each gun

2:11 mega longstrike
2:51 mega fortnite SP-L
3:32 mega stratobow
4:24 mega jolt
4:41 mega strongarm/disruptor/maverick
5:20 mega alphatrooper
5:45 mega firestrike
6:12 mega rebel flipstrike bow?
7:11 mega hailfire
8:23 mega sledgefire but worse?
9:04 mega roughcut
10:01 mega barrelbreak
10:49 mega strongarm/disruptor/maverick
11:37 mega rapidstrike (just buy a rapidstrike)
12:23 mega raptorstrike
13:08 mega deploy
13:39 mega firestrike
14:08 oversized mega fortnite SP-L
14:57 oversized mega jolt

Author — @sharkyslegoandotherstuff


Honestly the Mastodon is a proper heavy machine gun, fixed position defense, optimal crew of 2 (one person who loads the cylinder as it rotates and the other person who fires the weapon)

Author — @jblockman_59nunyabidnis68


with the double breach, if you want to shoot both darts at the same time with maximum range

either mod it, or trick the AR system like this:

shove in the bottom dart fully, but let the top dart stick out to the point where there is a small bit of foam showing

Author — @choppalungon


I’ve found the cycloneshock to be a very consistent and often quite powerful blaster after owning it for a few years.

Author — @remyxedfern5008


The Doublebreach comes with a storage thing you can put on. It holds 4 mega darts.

Author — @Deuce275


Hey coop thanks for providing me with content during this pandemic and making my day all the time thank you.

Author — @wrestlecuh


I think I would honestly love a centurion. No, really, I think I would love it. And while mega is already highly valued as a shield breaker or piercer, but the centurion could act as a higher damage blaster than the other mega blasters, because it’s like a .50 cal sniper rifle, and could decimate anything, and one shots everything. The motostryke is like a PDW so it could also break armour too, and the mastodon is like a .50 cal machine gun. I see the roto fury as a kind of street sweeper, and it could be good for room clearing, and it’s mega, so it destroys shields and armour.

Author — @fallingloo9930


One of my favourite things about the mega series is probably the darts because they don’t indent as much and are easier to front load

Author — @bushr2709


the only mega blaster i own is the magnus and i always liked the feeling of priming it back. just the right amount of smooth and gritty, i love the sound it makes when i prime it

Author — @crumblyairship


At the time I thought the magnus was op. It's still very fun, and interesting to look at it since I have the rare sonic ice version

Author — @Brady_22


The Centurian was the blaster that made you the cool kid at nerf battles when I was growing up.

Personally I believe that Mega only works for snipers and big guns like the Mastadon, you loose the cool factor with anything else and they are less practical in general just for the size they need to be for decent capacity. The emergency blasters make sense if you’re running a Mega as a primary since you’re going to be carrying backup mega rounds anyway.

Author — @o.k.productions5202


Never thought I’d see the day coop says “the centurion is just better”

Author — @djsalad5752


my friend has a mega centurion, he strapped a scope to it and would snipe us in nerf wars, I however, would use the thunder-bow, it is insanely overpowered in my opinion, long range, good accuracy, and a pretty quick reload, the mega magnus is another one we had, it was an amazing gun if you had a second and went double pistols, not overall too good, but pretty great, the spring shot was a blaster I would have in my pocket when I ran out of shots in the thunder bow, it was a quick 6th shot with an extremely quick reload, My brother would always use the cyclone shock, it was a powerful blaster that he would go primary with, it had pretty good range and accuracy. Those are all the Mega blasters I or a friend owned

Author — @guuurgle6842