How to Demolish a House | Top Gear | BBC

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How to Demolish a House | Top Gear | BBC 5
The Top Gear team are challenged to knock down a row of derelict houses in less time than it takes a team of demolition experts to do the same job. Time to take a trip to an army disposal yard to pick up some new equipment then.

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'as you'd imagine, mine is bigger than hammond' - hahahahahaha

Автор — Rishav Sharma


"it's for saving people lives; princess Diana had one of these" 😂

Автор — Mike Rotch


"Princess Diana had one of these" XD

Автор — AJ Stevens


Jeremy-"Didn't James blunt have one of these?"
James-"I thought he had a guitar"

Автор — Paddlez-is-king


the teeth of the guy at 7:47 is epicly scarier than what he's doing ROFLMAO

Автор — twisty


Hammond looks like a child at a toy store.

Автор — Dion Eliot


when they took a small chip of plaster off I lost it

Автор — Josh Eastham


"20, 000 pounds! so either this, or a Ford Focus"

Автор — Jack McDonald


For everyone who are saying where is part 2 its called" Demolition Men - Top Gear - BBC"

Автор — kevin 02015


Buy the Harrier and pull a GTA where you aim it towards that house flying downwards at 500 mph and bail with a parachute leaving the plane to crash into and demolish the building.

Автор — DjKinetec


If I was rich, I'll def buy some of those military equip.

Автор — Ron N.


The house in Albania is much harder to destroy than those they did in Britain.

Автор — KoKoSkA122


You know a joke is good when you can hear even the production crew laughing off camera...

Автор — Mike James Hansford


Ok top gear I'm going to say this the UK and the U.S army should use all of those vehicles to fight ISIS

Автор — Tracy Scott


So did Hammond and May comeback to buy the
1. Gazelle
2. Willis Jeep
3. A Land Rover?

Автор — d0p_m1n3


4:35 is that a M7 Priest ? thats a WW2 Field artillery....

Автор — Flowxing


look at these warmongering brits drop their jaws at these murder vehicles, pfft

Автор — Agent Bill Wilson


Wait. Hammond knows how to fly a helicopter?

Автор — Dominick J


I love how James could only chip away a small corner of the house. XD

Автор — The Clear Summer


Haven´t they heard of toothpaste and toothbrushes?

Автор — Roberto Hoyo