Hilarious Examples Of People Having Bad Day

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Hilarious Examples Of People Having Bad Day 4.5

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Author — BossDT


*when you realize it's 30 minutes long*
Edit: and 10 seconds lol

Author — Anxiety Moth


3:45 It melted the toilet. That must have been some epic chili.

Author — Sage


The first one: how did she know that she was on those batteries for you know

Author — Tyla Bailey


I love #71 in the second set: “My oven just exploded”....and the display on the oven says “STOP” 😂🤣

Author — Amanda Whiting


The gay lovers find out they are brother one, now that, *that could be a country song*

Author — Kirik Studios


3:33 i see scorpion. i set house on fire. i homeless now. but i kill scorpion

Author — Markus Pro


My sister broke both her arms at the same time once, she was like 7! She didn't even cry! That day was an experience.

Author — Michele Douglas


3:38 I'm never gonna put a sticky trap down. If I don't know. It cant hurt me

Author — Zahra


This whole video can't even beat me breaking one of my ankles, one of my arms and right now, IM SICK.

Author — Isabella Gettino


Me laughing so much
when the person with the guitar string through his hand came up:

Author — Jasygirl Crow


This video made my quarantine day 😅🤣 Genuinely laughed out loud at most of them. Thank you for sharing.

Author — Donna-Maria Welsh


"Hey, I broke *My both arms."*
Boss, you need a new editor.

Author — Kastellan


8:33 omg, just IMAGINE being that guy, down to your underwear, covered in god knows what, and still have to get back home hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Author — Gerrie P


1:25 she be looking like Thomas the train a bit

Author — Dog of the Lord


92 Happened to me in college. I was barely on time for class this one day, so the only seats in the entire auditorium, were at the front. Thirsty from sprinting to class, I opened up a coke and it went everywhere down my lap. I couldn't get up to go to the bathroom in front of the 300 frickin' people in the room for the embarrassing reason of it looked like I peed myself, had to wait till 90% had left at the end and then I had to proceed to walk clear across campus with everyone looking at my pants and then get on the elevator to the 15th floor of my dorm with it stopping on 10 floors on the way up as people got on and off, staring at me awkwardly. It was SO embarrassing.

Author — Banyo


We were tye dying as something to do during quarantine, and I squirted myself with green tye-dye. Tyedye is very staining of skin and fabric. My chest was green for a week, and I ruined a perfectly good bra. My family is having an Avengers/Guardians of the galaxy phase, so they called me hulk and gamora. 🤦‍♀️

Author — Clara Baldwin


When your the only one who dresses up. *megalovania starts*

Author — Andalé the Skeleton


BossDT: I have no words for this.
Me: Well you just said words.

Author — Neptune The IceWing


# 89 : If your gonna break up with someone. Dont do it in a public place. Not only does the person your upsetting feel embarrassed and sad, but you cant even talk it over. I know probably the reason people do it in a public place is to avoid any drama, or letting them down easy.. But at that point if im being broken up with, i probably lost my appetite and leaving right then anyway. Or if your person is a douche, would probably order the most expensive thing on the menu and then walk out after eating it. Thing is, be kind and let your Gf/Bf have their feelings in a private place away from staring people or to avoid misunderstandings! A restaurant is a place to have a good time, proposing, dating ect, not breaking up. And since some people obviously are confused about how this works, its definitely not the place to tell someone a family member died either, just so were clear.

Author — Broken Throne