Violent George Floyd protests at CNN Center unfold live on TV

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Violent George Floyd protests at CNN Center unfold live on TV 4.5

CNN's Nick Valencia reports live from inside the CNN Center in Atlanta where demonstrations over the killing of George Floyd have turned violent.

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The whole USA just looks like a huge GTA online server...

Author — pa7i.7us


CNN only calls it violent when it affects them.

Author — Zave Crave


These rioters were pretty dumb attacking the only thing trying to make them look good.

Author — BeatusMeatusFetusDeletus


BREAKING NEWS: Fiery but mostly peaceful protesters pay CNN offices a visit.

Author — Terilkin Flamewood


“This is our home, Chris, you know? This is where we come to work every day.” Yeah, so stop trying to justifying it when it’s someone else’s home or business.

Author — Jord The Canadian


“Demonstrators” bro cnn are you actually serious

Author — Alexa Mahone


According to CNN these protests are peaceful, this is disgusting!!!

Author — Michele Berentsmith


I love that CNN is willing to refer to protests as "violent" only when the rioters are LITERALLY on their doorstep. ;) #TheyEatTheirOwn

Author — Lane Bristow


CNN: "Defund the police!"

CNN:.... (hides behind cops)

Author — MannaMusicOfficial


CNN you guys are getting a taste of your own medicine. You guys are stirring up these "race wars" for your precious ratings and turn our country communist. Burn CNN burn

Author — 2380Shaw


that's what happens when you keep lying to the public with your murderous propaganda

Author — Ammar Raza


CNN: We support BLM and agree with defunding the police.

Also CNN: Thank goodness there's a line of police officers protecting us from BLM.

Author — Chewy


Funny how people keep calling them protesters.

Author — JJB 12


CNN being protected by the very same people they want to defund. The irony.

Author — Sou Vang


Looks like the peaceful protesters are trying to take down the same CNN that supported them and threw the police under the bus.

Author — HICKS 439


CNN: "peaceful protests" (:
*HQ gets attacked*
CNN: "Violent protests!!"

Author — Connor Eres


Chris Cuomo and CNN outliars were supporting defund the police and now they need the police. CNN is a farce.

Author — pat Morrisseau


Why does it cost millions of damages on cities after a “peaceful protest?” I’ll take “ignorance” for $500 Alex.

Author — Walako Walaka


Looks like YouTube Rewind 2020 Is going to get real *I n t e r e s t i n g*

Author — timbersean1234


“These officers are nervous”
No they aren’t they are having a blast

Author — Towelie Towel