Billy Bush Believes The Women Accusing Trump Of Sexual Assault

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Billy Bush Believes The Women Accusing Trump Of Sexual Assault 4.5

Billy Bush confirms the authenticity of the infamous 'Access Hollywood' tape. And then some.

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Laugh at a guy for bragging about sexual assault - Gets fired.
Brag about sexual assault - Becomes president.
America you are weird.

Author — Ris G


This is a really great interview. Colbert held him responsible for his action, Bush took full responsibility and kept the focus on victims, and they made it funny without being inappropriate. I'm really impressed. He made a bad choice and is really trying to be better. I think at the time, firing him may have been the right move, but I hope he can start to redeem himself and get back to his job.

Author — Gemma Pettersen


So he got fired for laughing along because the other dude had much more power and brought more money. But then that dude get elected as president. I would be bitter af.

Author — Acacius


Billy bush literally got punished for the actions of Donald trump, just maddening trumps own family can't control him he's like a child how tf was billy meant to tell him what to say.

Author — Aditi k


I honestly don’t think billy is a bad person. I feel like he just was in an uncomfortable position and tried to laugh it off. (Also the fact that he even said he was trying to kiss up to him) yes, what he did was wrong but I feel like he is very remorseful and sincere when he talks about this. Don’t hate on this man anymore he’s had enough. Hate on the one who ACTUALLY made these extreme sexual assault comments. & sadly it is the president of the United States.

Author — Twenty twenty A


*Billy Bush* _heard those words._
Fired from the TV job.

*Donald F Trump* _SAID those words_
Given the most important job on the planet.

Author — sidd joshi


True irony. How can laughing with the star of the show your network is hosting be a fireble offense. If anything, it's doing your job. And the other become president.

Author — Meng Jan


Very solid interview. I'm amazed through a career of satire and comedy how you've managed to transition to a type of journalistic political satire. I love your show, the colbert report, and your work on the daily show. Watching your show is an absolute treat.

Author — blazedup69


BILLY DID NOTHING !!! What the hell is wrong with people !?!! I love Billy Bush, I met him in Napa Valley when he stopped to compliment what I was wearing. We then took a selfie together which I treasure . He was kind and friendly and so classy . What a witch hunt. Such a bunch of crap, keeping you in my prayers Billy .

Author — Renald Cosma


I wish he would've been a little more honest about why he was laughing along with Trump, and why at the end he asked the actress to hug Trump at the end of that tape. He makes it sound like he was completely innocent. It should be ok for all of us to discuss this openly and honestly. That's when real change happens.

Author — j l


Bottom line is, this is a guy who's admitting his mistakes, learned from it and wants to do something good to make up for it. And that's EXACTLY what a person should do. Not lie more, deny facts and keep the shit ball going.

Author — Keenan Sears


Is the band playing the wheels on the bus?

Author — SV228


Did anyone else notice the band playing "the wheels on the bus" in a minor key when Billy comes out? Thats genius

Author — Ryan Faucette


Wow! Billy Bush seems bright, thoughtful, and sincere. Go figure

Author — Jeff Human


Poor Billy Bush. He laughs at the stuff Donald is saying and he's the one punished. Where is justice in this world. Sure he was wrong to laugh, but who among us hasn't laughed at something inappropriate. I hope he finds peace and a job. And I hope that cock president loses his. Hey I can dream

Author — Pntngbrn


The band playing "Wheels on the Bus" was perfect for this interview.

Author — PikalaxALT


CBS this is one of the BEST IN THE BUSINESS SNAP UP BILLY BUSH hes amazing!!!

Author — iDalisMediaTV


7:51 His mind mind catching up to where he went

Author — Lucky Happy


You must be the change you wish to see in the world.- Mahatma Gandhi
Whatever changes you would like to effect in our society has to begin with you.

Let your every moment be an example of what you teach and counsel.

Let your every action be a reflection of your beliefs.

Let your every word be reflective of your own thoughts.

The best leaders the world has ever known are the reformers who were accountable and responsible for their own change.

Author — Just Sayin


He talks just like my attorney . And my attorney is good at talking that even when he lies anyone can believe him

Author — eve escobar