The TRUE cost of living in NEW YORK CITY

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The TRUE cost of living in NEW YORK CITY 5
A look at the cost of living in New York City one of the most expensive places to live on Earth and how you can live and travel here on a cheap budget!

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Something a bit different for this weeks video, comment your thoughts on living in New York! Also let me know if you want to see more NYC informational content!

Author — Erik Conover


even the cheaper version is too expensive for me

Author — Daisy Jansen


In South Africa it costs me about 450usd per month including rent and car costs, so going to New York I should be able to live for about 3 hours at most

Author — vinolin moodley


New York: I'm the most expensive city in the world
Zürich: Hold my beer

Author — Allo 1255


8 dollars to cook eggs and coffee for brekky each day!
Are those _Faberge Eggs?_

Author — Khu NoPie


To put it short if you earn less then $100k a year in new york your kinda poor...

Author — futmut1000


Yeah all good...but the most important question

does Spider-man deliver your Pizza!?

Author — Guempih8 8


As a 20 year old, born and raised in Queens, I can say it costs way less if you live in another borough and commute into Manhattan for your work. Not only is rent cheaper, but the average costs for groceries and daily consumables is greatly reduced. Living and paying rent in Manhattan is a pocket drainer.

Author — NAV _


Thank you god for giving me Social anxiety. It saves me so much

Author — Herman Randhawa


LA is also expensive but the energy that NYC gives you is priceless and you can’t get that vibe anywhere else. Excellent content.

Author — MsHe1en


the first half of the video i was like there’s no wayyyy you take taxis 3x a day, eat out, etc. & then i was so relieved to see the second half haha 😅

Author — Tess Florio


I like this guys hussle. These videos are well made and it's glossy but not insanely over the top unrealistic. All his videos he's essentially being honest, lots of people say it's crazy expensive to live there which is true. But most aren't gonna retire in new York, they just want to live a part of their lives in new York to experience's a story itself...good work

Author — Marc Ferrer


New York City: I’m the most expensive city

Hong Kong repulse bay: hold my beer

Author — Lettuce games


A roommate in a tiny studio apartment? Really? I'm guessing they're boning because I don't see any other place to sleep in any of his video's. Also, the 'roommate' (we'll use air quotes from now on) only pays his half of the rent, but not internet, gas & electric? Sounds like a bad deal (but a good deal for the 'roommate') ;-). Anyway, don't want to give you a hard time, I guess at the end, I'm jealous of the 'roommate' #ErikIsAHunk

Author — Dirk Kranendonk


New York: it’s expensive to live in here
London: *sips tea*

Author — Shena B


New York: I’m the most expensive city.

Oslo: Hold my beer.

Author — Armageddon


2:40 Why did you put $15 for that dinner... XD

Author — Ro Be


I lived in Manhattan for 12 years. You can live for cheaper than that

Author — Martin Mendez


There is even cheaper way of living.
Spectrum internet - $44
Electricity - around $40. ( Just put most things into one outlet and turn them off to reduce trickle cost)
Food - balanced diet $90 a week
Fitness $15
Rent - Brooklyn and queens are in the "City" too and only 20 mins via train you can find something decent $1500+
Transport - $82 metro monthly via pre-tax

It's all about budgeting, understanding your constraints and working inside them. If you want to live like a king but don't have the means then make the means!

Author — Kiran Ram


"I take a business call from an old friend"
*Martin Scorsese*

Author — F A