Polish weapons ► Depictions in videogames

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Polish weapons ► Depictions in videogames 5
00:00 WIST-94
00:34 PR-15 Ragun
00:52 Mors
01:19 Błyskawica
01:53 PM-63 RAK
02:19 PM-98 Glauberyt
03:28 Mauser wz. 29
03:59 Kbsp wz. 38M
04:28 FB Tantal
04:47 FB Beryl
05:35 FB Mini-Beryl
06:23 FB MSBS Grot
08:45 Wz. 35 anti-tank rifle
10:20 Bor
11:24 Browning wz. 28
12:09 UKM-2000
13:23 PZR Grom

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Author — Its ya boi Thot Exterminator


Doctor: You have 14 minutes left of your life

Me: Give me 14 seconds to think

*14 seconds later*

Me: *noticed the video in the subscribtion box* hello there....

Author — Rizkiradi


Frost do you know how to make a bad video?

Author — Prism Skull


Love to see this great polish weapons 🇵🇱👍

Few additional information :

- Polish WW2 Pistol Vis wz.35 was a winning project for pistol for polish army ( as mentioned in video we got too many different one from many countries).

It was a mix of Browning Hp and M1911 Colt. It was chamber in 9mm and was considered as one of the best if not the best pistol of ww2.

- Wz 35 Ur (Urugwaj) polish antitank rifle was a great weapon which can penetrate almost all germans tank on many meters and eliminated many tanks during invasion. Germans were quite surprised of its effectiveness and tried to copy it but never managed to do it and when tank armor get during the war stronger and stronger the use of anti tank rifle was basically pointless so they abandon that development.

- Msbs now got a name Grot (arrowhead / spearhead) and now it's basically main rifle of polish army but to finish that process few years is needed.

Both versions (standard and bullpup) can be ordered on many versions basically from Carabine to Dmr. There is also a special version for polish army honour guard

- Błyskawica (lighting) was also in sniper elite 2 and 3

-Wz 38 M In Cod WW2 in singleplayer is iron sight version

Polish underground (not only AK cause we got more different "armies" in underground with different names) made during war many weapons like pistols, submachine guns, semiauto carabines, nades, flamethrowers, molotov cocktails catapult, mortars etc.

And lastly many of polish weapons will be available in upcoming polish game called WW3 so check it out ;)

Author — Szymon Piotr


i nearly fell asleep on that WZ.35 in BF1942

Author — AlphaLeader772


Mors SMG: came in 1939 and only 39 were produced

Oh those trolling germans



POLAND🇵🇱, Thx Frost, u are making my life better:)

Author — 岑Gordon


Time to open my great-great grandmother's Polish Bible and BLESS this video.

Author — Runner


Hmmm good vid without Survarium meme is kinda lack somethi-

Oh nvm

Author — Solid Stake


Poland has most of all types of firearms. Great !

Author — 2T L.


*insert witty comment and video appraisal here*

Author — Toufusoup


o kurwa frost.... Good vid! i love it!

Author — Met


Nice to see Polish weapons being shown, great job Frost

Author — scotterbean 12


Honestly I think I prefer the Polish bar design. They have some cool looking weapons for sure.

Author — Jackingdead 213


When you mentions Superhuman Polish resistance i think of good ol' BJ

Author — Iron ISO


A scope in the way isnt a problem for cod ww2. *cough cough* °45 angle loading trick *cough cough*

Author — BigHaas


Ah, after a day of homeworks and all, it's time to rest watching uncle Frost videos.

Author — CloudStrifeh2003


Me: hey frost what u look in to do this summer?
frost: show every known videogame gun reload animation ever created
Me: oh how nice!?!?!?😮

Author — Dante Parks


2:30 - Interesting hybrid of UZI and MP5K.

Author — Oskar Janczak


Project Reality, it's a beautiful thing

Author — Sir Pseudonymous