Triumph Tiger 1050 owner's review | Tiger 1050

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

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Great Bikes. Same as mine. Does everything well. Every miles a smile.

Author — allun13


Good Job, great info, from what I've gathered so far your mileage isn't too far off, start with your Wrist :)

Author — Tomas Soltero


Great bike! Does it have rubber or steel brake lines/pipes?

Author — gabor.szabo2


Thanks for the review! I'm looking to buy a black one but I'm not sure about the color, is it really hard to maintain ? People say don't buy a black bike, always looks dirty.

Author — Guillaume


There’s a 2010 1050 abs with 19, 000 miles for 3950, comes with a lot of extras, should I get it…I just sold my 2014 fz09 and sorely miss it…I’m thinking the triple in this bike would be a nice replacement I just don’t want a bike that’s too old, you know? But ABS sounds amazing, and I feel like this would be perfect for the twisties

Author — Jose Amaya


I had a 1050cc Sprint St and ended up selling it because the heat that came out to my legs (unbearable). Does these has anything similar?

Author — Francisco Munoz


Man model 09 to 11 tiger 1050 is good or I will have problems ?I like the tiger a lot ..

Author — Teller X


Do I still see the monster there? Why did I think you sold it?

Author — FunWithAJ


Sir, You don't need music to inform people. It's the subject that sells your video. Try again.

Author — Kevin Grainger