Could The US Citizens Fight Off The US Military?

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Could The US Citizens Fight Off The US Military? 4.5

Today we are revolting against the government, and the military has come to shut us down. Who would win in this epic face off between the United States citizens versus the United States Military. You may think you know the answer but the results would surprise you. Let's take a look in this animated video about Could The US Citizens Fight Off The US Military?



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Which US city do you think would be hardest to take down by the military?

Author — The Infographics Show


That moment when you realize that the military is made up of Citizens

Author — Wachira Risky


so this just gonna pop up in my recommended rn during the riots??

Author — n9tes


You're forgetting 2 things. The majority of the military are pro American, and they do have the right to refuse an illegal and unconstitutional orders, so that means the majority of the soldiers would fight with the people. Between the determination of the American people, We the People would win the battle.
Don't forget, we had a very small army when we faught the most powerful military at the time, the British military, and we won our independence. Never underestimate your opponent.

Author — Mike Adams


I believe that we may be testing this information sooner than

Author — whispering thunder


I guess we’re gonna be finding out reallll soon 😅

Author — Anthony Jones


Considering there are 3 million guns in the city of detroit, and most soldiers will not fight, i think we would win

Author — 3010ncg


I was a Marine and believe me we know we take our oath to the constitution and not to politician's.

Author — Michael Stenka


remeber 2019 when this was just a hypothetical question? Those were the days.

Author — Tomasz Skowroński


Terrorist : what does it takes to bring chaos in the USA?

"some virus and a dude knee choking another dude to death"

Author — Han Sama


TIS: Cities will deny insurgents the right to control an area.

Seattle: Hold our vegan lattes!

Author — Kate Maloney


I feel in this scenario the U.S military would turn against the government with the citizens

Author — Stretch Nutz


Get ready guys. Buckle down; we might need this sooner than later...

Author — Elizabeth Zumwalt


The infographics-“The U.S. Military needs no introduction”

Also the infographics- gives introduction.

Author — Cahill Crawford


US Army here. Ask a military member and a majority will agree with me when I say that I'm going AWOL with as much equipment as I can!

Author — Caleb Large


"The US military needs no introduction."

*spends a solid two and a half minutes introducing it*

Author — Selsix


This video in short:

*America is the best*

Author — Thijmen


"The american military would never turn on it's citizens"

Don't forget the civil war, that's two governments turning on it's citizens instead of just one.

Author — Jason Soliva


American Citizens could start a Revoloution, i see the signs.

Author — angieramensticks


The USA military would never turn weapons on the us citizen

Author — Donald Woodling