CapitalTV; Musharraf's regime wanted me to declare Nawaz Sharif a traitor Awaam 06 Feb 2018

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CapitalTV; Musharraf's regime wanted me to declare Nawaz Sharif a traitor Awaam 06 Feb 2018 3.5
Senior parliamentarian and former Federal Minister Mushahid Hussain Sayed says that I was under arrest for over a year during Pervez Musharraf tenure and I was pressurized to declare Nawaz Sharif a traitor but I bluntly refused to do so. Mushahid Hussain expressed these views in Capital TV program Awaam with Murtaza Solangi. Watch video for more details

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مشاہد حسین سید صاحب بہت ببہترین آدمی ہیں اللّه انکو خوش رکھے آمین ۔

Author — nazeer surhani


قابل آدمی مگر اپنی صلاحیت نوکری کرنے اور نیا آقا ڈھونڈنے می لگاتا ہے ۔

Author — wasim wafa


اتنا ڈیسنٹ بندہ اتنی گری ھوئی دلیل
افسوس ھوا جناب



saqab nissar py laanat . . saqab nissar key maan lahore key aik toaaf thee

Author — Nasir Khan


In the end you have exposed your character by supporting nawaz sharief criminal and trying to undermine the Supreme Court decision of nawas disqualification .... lol

Author — MyTravel Mysteries


Interview with history!!🤣All your history is fake😂

Author — P B


Well done Senator Mushahid sb; love & pray for Mian Nawaz Sharif..

Author — aamir ali


Iss tarah Kay logh Nawaz sahreef family Kay personal noukar hot Hain

Author — Zahoor Hussain


Well-done Mushahid Hussain a great person...

Author — Taimoor Kiani


Such a cheap person... Khud b sun kar sharam ani chahye.. planted interview

Author — Faisal KHURSHID


Mushashid very surprised at your view on nawaz, what about Panama dear

Author — Zaf Raja


chiefe lotta murdaa baade adaletoon kaa ahtrame karoo he is prootecte de law and contitution

Author — zafar khawaja


کیا بکواس ہے ساتھ بھی رہا اور فیصلوں کی مخالفت کی ۔۔ہاہاہا اسکی اتنی جرت کہ مشرف کے سامنے مخالفت کرے کیا ہم پاگل ہیں

Author — Rana Dastgir


Corruption investigation should always be one sided against suspect corrupt people. Sunlight always attack darkness.

Author — John Shomadhan


All the forces and bigger enfluser at play... trying pull down the hero who pushed pakistan above the bread line in the last 5 years.

Pakistan moved forward in strides.... 11000mw added in 5 years unbelievable

Author — Amir Ibrahim


Hum hairan hain ke aise educated log kayon nahe Analysis kerte, kissi party ko join kerne se pehley.

Author — Malik Awan


شیعہ کتے تمھاری غداری کی تاریخ حضرت حسین رضی اللہ تعالی تک جاتی ہے ۔۔ق لیگ تو نے خود سودے بازی کے بعد جوائن کی ۔ حرامی مشرف کو اپنا ۔۔۔باپ۔۔۔مانتے ہوئے ۔۔۔اور تو کتا اب پھر منحوس بے وفا تھوتھنی لیکر مسلم لیگ ن میں ا گیا دلے

Author — Raheel Akhter


I had great respect for Mushahid Hussain until I watched this interview. I now believe he is the other side of Hussain Haqani. An intelligent opportunist, who knows the art of moulding facts and history for the benefits of those whom he supports for his personal benefits!

Author — Syed Anwar Hussain Shah


Nawaz Shareef is a Criminal, a crook and a Traitor.

Author — DivineLove247


Is there any doubt it. This is the sad state of Pakistani Political Culture that such a man is not
shot as a traitor and a security risk

Author — M Kahn