Battle for Moscow: Turning the Nazi Tide

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Battle for Moscow: Turning the Nazi Tide 4.5
The Battle for Moscow lasted from late autumn of 1941 to mid-spring of 1942. Some seven million people were involved, including all the residents of Moscow. The whole country united to fight for the main city. And finally, as a result of great moral power and excellent strategy, the Nazis were defeated. The battle for Moscow marked the first major defeat of fascist Germany in World War II.

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The Soviets paid a very heavy price, but they saved their Motherland and destroyed the Nazis. That proves that fighting with heart, wins the war

Author — Alex


Never forget
Battle for Moscow
Leningard Blockade
Battle at Kursk
Batte of Stalingrad
and many more glory sacrificed for Russia !

Author — RussianDefender100


/the world was saved because Stalin decided to stay in Moscow and stopped anyone else from leaving. 16 October is a very important date for the world.

Author — alex dahn


the Famous Three Fingered Glove did the trick!

Author — Daddy Grimm


Respect...For Unknown Russian Soldier.
Spacibo C.C.C.P from Greece.



Please make more of these! I saw this live on RT and absolutely adored it!

Author — DeLorean4


America: Hey we won over the Nazis, WE ARE THE TRUE VICTORS!

Russia: What about me?

America: No, you just assisted us you did nothing.


Author — Ren 54


All this useless, senseless, hatred inspiring comments... Come on, gentlemen, gentlewomen, just a bit of common sense!
Let's be fair, let's be grateful. There should be a New Thanksgiving Day among the honest people of the whole world. On such a day we should celebrate the humble, simple people of Russia as the new saviors of mankind.
Of course, England and USA did something against evil in those days too, but, honestly, can we compare the grade of sacrifice?
Look at them, such lovable people!
Let's be fair, let's be grateful!

Author — mybled drykids


5:06 I don't know why I laughed so hard. But him saying, "The road to Moscow is now open", with his back-and-forth body language and a road behind him just made me laugh!

Author — Fyodor


11:13 Their best weapons. Shows film of a BT-2, Ok then

Author — 3Dboyin3D



You mean after it was invaded by the USSR?

Author — June28July


and yet america still tries to claim full victory over the nazi's

Author — sh9683



Yes, of course the assault on Stalingrad was also tremendously costly and time consuming.

Author — yermomsboxx


Stalin's assistant: comrade stalin the Germans have trip here and they didnt pay

Stalin:t *They already paying me*

Author — Sagkreg Jaskrov Makarev


It happens after disintegration of the USSR =(

Author — bezplavok


The Soviets, they were the Soviets my friend :)

Author — Kriegerdammerung


I was raised by a WW2 veteran and he never claimed that the USA was responsible for the victory over the Nazis. He was adamant about the bravery of the Russian people who lost so much during the war. Those of us who listened to our fathers know who bled across the fields of Europe.

Author — Brian Garrow


wow the lady has so many medals... just wow @_@

Author — Cnupoc


The Russians suffered many hardships in WWII. Thank you Russia.

Author — Richard Boudville


So many people suffered because a madman called Hitler deceived his own people by an empty promise of "Make Germany Strong Again!"

Author — Maso