sad songs to cry to 1 hour (sad music mix)

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Tracklist for "sad songs to cry to 1 hour"
0:00 Snøw & Monty Datta - Say Goodbye
2:30 Hinshi - Slow Down
4:29 yaeow - worn out heart
5:39 Towerz - There's No Need ft. Sosi
9:04 Vorsa - wake me when it's over
11:28 Finding Hope - Tell Me ft. Cehryl
14:55 bonjr & Annamarie Rosanio - Far Away
17:33 bonjr - i want you to help me live ft. Thomas Reid & versor
20:11 Zaini & Dyslm - Hold On ft. DNAKM
23:10 Belfa - late night thoughts ft. Kayli Marie
25:36 Ondi Vil & Teqkoi - Drowning ft. Mehkare Merson
27:18 BVG x Ayh Okay - Hold Me
30:36 Nuxe & Zaini - Like U ft. b o b b i e !
33:06 SEA - I Miss You ft. yaeow
35:18 Finding Hope - Love
39:34 Thomas Reid - Criminal
43:01 the bootleg boy & Maberry - i still think of you
45:07 Rnla & yaeow - free with you
47:55 Maberry & Hypx - I Won't Leave You
50:15 Thomas Reid - Falling Asleep in Your Arms, Dreading the Sunrise
52:49 Monty Datta & Hinshi - Anxiety Arise
55:13 w00ds - Cry Me A River
57:44 NU - don't give me hope ft. SEA

Aurora Vibes

Footage by Andrew James

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My mom says to not talk to strangers online, little does she know how much they helped me to go through my problems.

Author — Dinaz


we’re all suicidal kids telling each other suicide is not the answer

Author — I like dogs



Hey, you.

Yes, you.

You're the one reading this, aren't you?

Well, let me tell you something.

You need to know.

DON'T SCROLL, please..

I know, I know I'm a stranger here on the internet.

But, I guarantee you, you need to hear this.

Are you in a dark place?

You aren't alone.

We all were there, y'know.

Feeling Suicidal?

Please don't.

I think you matter.

Even if I don't know you, I still think you matter.

You are the best stranger I've met.

So, do something for me real quick.

It's quick, I promise.

Drink some water.


Look, see how they shine?

See how they twinkle and glimmer?

it's like you.

Even in the tiniest bit of light, you shine.

If you want to take your life, think about something.

Out of the 7 billion+ people on this earth..

Someone out there, they think you're perfect.

They love you, so much.

Imagine how much you'd hurt them if you left..

even if it seems unlikely, I can assure you.

Someone out there, they love you.

So keep fighting.

You'll win, no matter how hard it is.

"Fight the storm to see the rainbow". Remember that, okay?

Good, I love you. THANK YOU FOR SO MANY LIKES i was in a dark place and i wanted to help other people like me :)

Author — abby schwoerer


you know when we sleep? It’s basically just a easy escape from reality..

Author — Carina Cai


When your crying and you have to be quiet cuz you share a room and don't want anyone know how you actually feel rn

Author —


I like how strangers cares about you more than your real friends..

Author — KitKat


When you wanna cry but there is no more tears😔

Author — BK Bright


"people cry at night just to smile the next day.."

Thanks for like :).

Author — haya kula


How is it that whenever people say "you're not alone" I feel the loneliness even deeper? Maybe because around me everyone is happy, everyone has a purpose, they all have something while.. I'm just broken.

Author — The Anime Girl


who all here is listening to this at night crying....🥱🤧

Author — HADEZ CoDm


its weird to think about how many other people are crying silently in their rooms rn just overthinking life like me.

Author — sam sam


"We live in a society... where honor is a distant memory"
- Joker 2021

Author — ~ Bagel Blox! ~


“Respect your pillow this thing had your tears in it”


Author — ᥫ᭡ PuddingHead ᥫ᭡


Dear person whoever reads this, Hey, you, yes, I am talking right to you. I hope you will see yourself with the eyes I see you one day, because I can tell you have some awesome music taste :) You’re such a beautiful human being and worth and enough. I hope you know that you do only need yourself to be happy, I know society build up the standard that whenever you’re alone you’re not living a happy live. But in fact that is not true, if you start to realize that you actually deserve all the good things happening to you, you will treat yourself a lot nicer. I hope you let yourself rest, don’t beat yourself up over past mistakes, over regret, and over everything your mind wants to destroy you. I wish I could remove all those demons inside of your head because you deserve to feel happy. If you ever feel lonely then watch the sky, because you know, someone, at the same time is watching the sky too, maybe feeling the same way..I am glad you exist and I hope you won’t ever remove your own spot in this world, maybe you don’t feel like you belong here but, Angel, then build your home here. I don’t want you to leave this world unhappy. I want you to live every little second, I want you to feel alive, I don’t want you to see yourself just existing. You deserve it. Whatever happened, it’s not your fault, the demons in your head recognize that you have a beautiful heart, they want to take it because they have never seen such beautiful heart as yours, so why let them win over you? . You’re not selfish for isolating yourself, but you deserve to talk to someone. If you’re reading this than please never forget to breath and smile.

Don’t live up to other standards! It’s your story and not theirs.

Life for those who couldn’t, smile for those who forgot what a genuine smile is, love like there’s no other, hug like it’s your last one.

I love you and send you hugs.

You’re so strong, you’re still here, and I am proud of you.







You’re not a burden to anyone, don’t be afraid to talk, to use your voice. You’re beautiful inside out. Your body is beautiful the way it is. Please don’t starve yourself. Please eat, I know it’s hard but you deserve food. You deserve to eat and drink.


It hurts me to see you’re in pain :( you deserve so much man, don’t let your emotions control you. Don’t let them get the best of you. I love u I love u I love u I love u I love u please don’t go. I am sorry that no one is hearing you, I am sorry no one is noticing that you have lost yourself. I wish I could take your pain away, it hurts me to see the pain in your eyes. I love you through my words and I mean it. I just want you to stay, hold on a little longer okay? Please? For Me.?? I hope you have an awesome day/ morning/ evening/ night.

If it’s night for you, go to sleep, I know it’s hard to fall asleep right now but you deserve a good sleep. If you have nightmares, please, don’t let them fight you.

If it’s day for you, don’t start it by such sad music, I know it’s impossible to have a good day with such mindset but take baby steps, start by drinking two cups of water in the morning and so on.. You will start building little healthy habits.

If it’s evening for you, you’re probably overwhelmed and stressed, I want you to know it’s okay to feel the way you feel. You don’t need to be scared, of course you’re overwhelmed or stressed, I mean who wouldn’t? But it’s important to know that when you feel that way you should do a little self care, such as taking a bath for example? You deserve to feel at ease and relaxed. And if you are somewhere in between I hope you know that you’re stronger than you think, I know you will make it :)

Now wipe those tears away and smile for me, you really don’t know much a smile can brighten someone’s day, do you? I hope one day yours will become a genuine one where you don’t need to fake it anymore, because I can’t say this enough, you deserve a good smile and to feel alive. You’re worth more than every fucking cent in this world.

Remember crying is not weakness, let it out as much as you can but don’t let the emotion control you by giving up. It’s okay, you’re here, you’re safe, you can let it out. Did anyone asked you, how you are feeling today? If not, how are you really? I don’t think you’re doing good, but you will feel good at one point. Don’t give yourself up. I am sorry you feel misunderstood. But anyone who gets to be with you, doesn’t know how lucky he/ she/ they is :).

Enough with beating up yourself for today, okay?! - The stranger that cares about you more than anything. I hope this is enough for you to stay today, tomorrow will be a new day, a new start, let go now. I hope you can stay. This is your sign to stay and treat yourself with love, you deserve it.

And in case no one told you today, again, I am so proud of you. I

hope you will remember my words- sxx. :)

Until tomorrow, my friend :)

Author — CHUBE2012 roblox


I don't know if anyone will read this but I just wanna share it and continue listening to this amazing song. I was always bullied by people around me. For some reason, no one tried to be friends with me, or talk to me like I'm a normal person. I was always lonely and developed anxiety and depression throughout my life, feeling useless, worthless, nothing but someone who doesn't deserve to live and feeling like I'm disappointing even the people that doesn't know me. I don't know what Am I living for, why do I continue and why was I born in the first place? I feel like my place isn't here, that I'm not worth to even breath but when I think of dying, leaving everything behind, I'm scared. I'm scared of making my family suffer when it's all my fault I feel like this. Truth is, no one wants to die for real, we just want to feel happy, just a little time when we don't have to worry about every little thing, when we don't have to cry and feel guilty, when we would smile and be happy. We just want everything to be over, either the loss of someone or the feeling of being wortless because the people around you don't care at all, we all have scars we just can't forget. I always thought I'm alone, but I see so many people sharing stories and realize I'm not the only one and maybe I'm not someone who can say this but just... don't give up. Even if you feel like there is no tomorrow, like your world is crashing down and you have no place to hide, there are always better times and a good future that is waiting for you, you just have to be strong and face the world, cry if you want, do things that at least used to give you happiness and find someone to listen to you. It's always gonna be something for you, so... Believe in yourself, in the person you are and try to love yourself! ❤ I may not know you, but I love you, I know you're a strong person, a kind and amazing person and can do everything you dream for!

Author — The Anime Girl


The mirror is my best friend. Because when I cry, it never laughs back.

-Charlie Chaplin

Author — racheli treisman


When I was little I'm scared to darkness, bt now these days i feel very safe or peace in darkness 💔💔💔🖤🖤

Author — swatisriya pati


Its funny how when you feel like your the only one alone you see that there are more people like you.

Author — Lily Hellyar


My boy friend died and I have been lonely ever since and I can’t stop crying day and night
I know it broke my heart but you guys are special more then me stop thinking everything is ruined
Life will get better have hope I still have hope life will be better you guys need to know that you aren’t alone on this
I feel how you all feel but you need to move on

One step is a leap for us life might be miserable but maybe get a pet but I want you to all know this life gets better it’s a land where you are happy
Where you have a loved one I am crying while I am righting this but have hope dont end up like me please don’t

You aren’t alone I am with you have hope

Author — Carrie Leggatt


I don't like it when people say "you're too young to be sad" or "how you can get stressed but you have no responsibilities", "you can't have depression you're too young for that" (I'll make a diary here so sorry) I'm 14 and I have ADHD and anxiety attacks, at school from the 5th grade I experience psychic bullying from girls in our class. I feel like I'm getting more and more destroyed every day and I can't go on. Last year I tried a suicide that didn't work out when I remember it, so I always curse myself for being incompetent and weak that I couldn't finish it.

Author — Ash_ley_28