Colbert: All The Other Reasons Trump Is A Bad President

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Colbert: All The Other Reasons Trump Is A Bad President 4.5

With prosecutable collusion with Russia off the table after Mueller's report was delivered to the AG, Stephen updates the 'Reasons Trump is a Bad President' board.

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"My name is Donald J Trump, the J stands for jenius."

Author — Sean Baca


Jefferson, Lincoln, Trump, Obama

Long ago, the 50 states lived together in harmony, but then everything changed when Trump attacked. Only Washington master of all 3 branches, could stop him, but when the world needed him most, he vanished!

Author — Dorji Wang


He claimed the election was rigged. It was, in his favor. He claimed the investigation was rigged. It was, in his favor.

Author — Vanessa White


Wait a minute, a guy named Rabbit had a conversation with someone named Emmett T. Flood And there wasnt a Bugs and Elmer Fudd joke?

Author — Charlie Sands


Less than 7 months later, he’s under investigation for colluding with Ukraine.

Author — Will Jones


Nobody has actually _read_ the Mueller report, except for Trump's handpicked pet, Barr, installed as Mueller's new boss just a month prior. Barr writes a 4 page book report summary of what he _claims_ is in the Mueller report, then refuses to release Mueller's report (or even how many pages it has). So basically Barr could be writing _anything_ . What is a fact that Barr has gone on record saying he thinks Trump is innocent and that he, Barr, probably won't release the report, before Mueller was even finished. So, let's sum up: Barr was installed by the same person being investigated, and has openly admitted he is biased in favour of said person. Imagine if we allowed a mafia boss on trial to appoint his own gang members as judge and jury, and the judge then decline to hear any evidence brought before the court by police investigators and witnesses, before declaring that the trial was over because "the evidence was inconclusive, therefore in doubt I rule for the accused. Case closed."

It sounds like a crime novel, set in a corrupt regime, where the law is a joke.

Author — CrunchyFrog


The only thing I honestly miss about Studio shows is his interaction with John.

Author — Eleni 1979


"Call me when it fits on a hat". Hilarious!

Author — Moi S


Barr IS a "Fred Flintstone look a like " lol 😂😂

Author — Yoko Jacobson


He really is painfully unfunny.
But his impression of Trump is fabulous!

Author — Chaim Falkowitz


lol. "a bounce in his bone spurs" totally killed. I've been laughing for a good minute.

Author — MsRoxypox


The American public paid for the report, they have the right to see it.

Author — Brenda Jollymore


10:59 -I lost it. Love you, Stephen! You’re keeping me sane by giving me a laugh and a reminder that I’m not the only oneseeing things from this point of view...

Author — Billy Stewart



LegalEagle (a REAL lawyer) breaks down how the “Barr Report” (the so called Mueller report) sounds crazy to every lawyer.

He’s on YouTube

Author — Michael Miller


"Horny for Life" -- Trump's ideal slogan and spin on why he sexually assaults women.
With that slogan, the Billy Bush bus audio/video could be given new life as ostensibly "pro-Trump" in the 2020 campaign.

Author — David H Braun


Citizen bone spurs demanded to see Obama's birth certificate... yet we Americans cant see his tax returns or maybe even this full report... Republicans still smell fishy since the past Florida votes🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Author — VicZX6R


Your show is one of the only reasons I come out from under my rock.

Author — Jacob Bosley


I counted and 40 reasons were given before Stephen Colbert erased "Colluded with Russia".

Author — Andy See


Lmao one of reasons on the board is "FATHERED DON JUNIOR"

Author — vaseem sherief


Release the Report - there is nothing to discuss in the absence of the information.
i am not going to discuss the report based on the Barr comments to it. Release the report.
The absence of Exoneration is clearly what Barr says - and considering that Barr is the hand picked AG by Trump, this is pretty damning.

Author — R. B.L.