How Greyhound Became The Largest Bus Service In The U.S.

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Intercity bus travel in the U.S. has long been dominated by one iconic brand. With its fleet of 1,200 buses Greyhound shuttles nearly 16 million passengers annually to roughly 2,400 North American destinations. While the company caters to budget conscious, long distance travelers it also offers charter services for businesses, conventions and schools. But competition from low cost airlines and a combination of increased automobile access and low fuel prices have led to mounting headwinds for the bus operator. The pandemic has also caused passenger demand to plummet. So, what does the future look like for the bus operator and what happens to intercity bus service in America once the pandemic ends? 

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How Greyhound Became the Largest Bus Service in the U.S.

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My biggest problem with Greyhound is that it often costs just as much as flying but takes an ungodly amount of more time. I’d rather suffer a 2 hour flight than an 18 hour bus drive.

Author — Richard


If Greyhound wants to recover, it must treat its passengers like HUMAN BEINGS and not cattle.

Author — Allen Carlson


I remember so many Greyhound bus trips with my grandmother as a kid. It was so exciting going to the bus station and seeing the buses lined up in the terminal. I guess I was too young to recognize the sketchy travellers back then.

Author — Ivan Lowjones


As someone who took a lot of road trips when I was younger, it seems good in theory to be able to take a nice relaxing ride. The thing is that the bus often takes forever to get anywhere.

Author — Matthew Wynne


Can Greyhound stage a comeback? Yes, if they start treating their customers well

Author — Alex Farley


I'm European and I took a trip on Greyhound from the airport. I felt like an inmate who just got off con air and is now being taken to prison.

Author — Right here Right now


Every American should take a greyhound ride from north to south. It will be an eye opener for many, seeing real face of small town USA during stops.

Author — Khaled Hussain


I dreamed about taking a bus somewhere, despite being warned by literally everyone I mentioned it to to stay away. I found myself in a situation a couple years ago where I actually needed Greyhound, so I jumped at the opportunity. The first station was… chaotic. It was this large, open building filled to the brim with tired people. I listened to stories of people being stuck for days all over the country due to broken down busses. I also got to hear a recently released felon tell his story, so that was nice too. The bus ride itself was fine. Long, but fine. But my arrival station… I groan driving by it still now. It was disgusting. Packed to the gills with people to a point where you could barely move. I finally made it to the ladies room only to find zero toilets, and 2 holes in the brick walls where they used to be. Never again. I feel so sorry for people that rely on this mode of transport, because it’s insulting as a human being for the proprietors to think anything like this is okay.

Author — fizzys26


Would like to see Greyhound provide nonstop“Express Service” between some major locations and carve out a more expensive luxury line with a different name that delivers upscale seating and amenities.

Author — 1Drummer


I took Greyhound once. On the first leg of my journey, the bus driver got the bus stuck under a bridge on the railroad tracks into South Station. It had to be towed to the bus terminal side of the buiding. The sign for the bus lanes was the size of Texas and he still missed it!

Author — Ryan Murphy


I love Greyhound I take it all the time very comfortable and I love leaving the driving to them while I look at the view this pandemic left me grounded for a year but...just got back to riding again thanks Greyhound your awesome.

Author — carrie berry


Could Greyhound separate its service by metropolitan regions and allow city transit bus systems in that part of the state; run regional bus service for them. It would be cool to have city transit buses in major cities be aligned with over-the road coaches for a total traveling choice and experience. This could be a city-metropolitan and regional bus connectivity that successfully assures travel, whether a individual stays in inner city to the suburbs to the outskirts of major cities and even small towns just outside those metro regions. Just an idea!.

Author — SIgmaThePrince


I've had the misfortune of taking a greyhound bus once. It cost me about $120 all in. Most disastrous part of the trip was that i had to answer natures urgent number 2 call. The hurried 3minutes spent in there was the worst of my life. Imagine spine bending moves required to avoid landing/touching on faecal matters left all over the seat and walls by people, in a MOVING BUS!
I almost died when i discovered Spirit Airlines later that day and that it would have cost me just around $40-60 and about 3hrs for the same trip i spent 8hrs on the damn Greyhound.
I will never, i repeat, never get on a greyhound/any bus again

Author — seunni


Greyhound has been on a downward spiral in recent years due to the ownership by Firstgroup and prior to that Laidlaw. Both of those multinational corporations have little understanding of the north American Motorcoach market. Until or unless Greyhound is purchased by an entity with passion and knowledge of the bus industry, they will suffer. The current business model of relocating terminals to fringe locations in industrial areas and eliminating local/regional routes has left the system fragmented and undesirable to most of the public. There remains a great deal of potential however the company must be sold and return to its roots.

Author — Tim S. The Wise Cat


Can't say I've had a good experience with them, took them once from Utica NY, to visit family in Toronto. Big mistake overnight trip back with no heat in October, I froze my ass off.

Author — Kyle Schalitz


I rarely have issues with Greyhound. It's great to do long distance for the cheap in most nearby cities. My most recent trip (round-trip from where I live to Ocean City) cost very cheap. The only problem I had on the trip home is the delay due to bad weather.

Author — Sonic Thrillington


In Japan we have multiple types of long journey bus services that depends on the budget, although we have Shinkansen we have LCC but a lot of people still choose bus because it is very economical and travel can be super luxurious in suites on wheels.

Author — JUN ジュン


One area that Greyhound can improve (without an increase in cost) is to work on their schedule. I enjoy traveling by train and yet when I look at taking Greyhound to the nearest AMTRAK station, the bus is schedule to arrive 10-15 minutes after the train leaves.

Author — Bert Simmons


Problem with Greyhound is that the only real competitor is Amtrak. They simply cannot compete with budget airlines who can offer the same trip for sometimes cheaper and for 80% less time off the trip. at the time of this video checked prices for:

Greyhound: $45, 8hrs45m
Spirit: $62, 1hr15m

Greyhound: $250, 68hrs
Spirit: $57, 5.5hrs

Author — Isaac S.


I put thousands of miles on in Greyhound buses when I was young and never had a single issue... it was quite sad to see them close shop in Canada!

Author — Metal Man