Bell 212 Twin Huey engine start and take off from Karres Heli Austria base

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Bell 212 Twin Huey engine start and take off from Karres Heli Austria base 3

We made our third Austria winter trip this February.

Our main destination this year was Innsbruck again, but we spend the first day at Karres, next to Heli Austria, Martin Flugrettung helicopter base.
In the base there was an MD-902 on duty, but in the hangar there were some surprise…

One of these surprises was the Heli Tirol Bell 212 heavy lift helicopter.
The Bell 212 Twin Huey is a two-blade, twin-engine, medium helicopter that first flew in 1968. The 212 is marketed to civilian operators and has a fifteen-seat configuration, with one pilot and fourteen passengers. In cargo configuration the 212 has an internal capacity of 6.23 m³ an external load of up to 2,268 kg can be carried. In addition to military purposes, the type mostly used to air ambulance, air police patrol, border control, firefighting and heavy lifting.

The small brother of the 212 is the Bell UH-1 Huey, one of the most famous helicopter in the world, from Vietnam War.

Idén februárban sikerült összehoznunk harmadik téli Ausztria túránkat is.

Fő úti célunk az Innsbruck repülőtérhez tartozó Christophorus 1 mentőhelikopter bázis volt, de első napunkat Karres település mellett található Heli Austria, Martin Flugrettung bázison töltöttük.
Az ügyeletes helikopter egy McDonell Douglas MD-902 volt, de a hangárból több meglepetés is előkerült a nap folyamán…

Egyin nagy meglepetés a Heli Tirol Bell 212 teheremelő helikoptere volt.
A Bell 212 Twin Huey egy kétlapátos, kéthajtóműves közepes méretű helikopter, amely 1968-ban emelkezdett először a levegőbe. A típus legnagyobb kapacitásában 14 utas, 6,23 m³ átmérőjű belső teher vagy 2,268kg függesztett teher szállítására képes.
A katonai felhasználáson kívül szerte a világon használják személyszállításra, teherszállításra, légimentésre, tűzoltásra és rendőrségi megfigyelő vagy határőr célokra.

A Twin Huey „kisöccse” a Bell UH-1 Huey a világ egyik legismertebb helikoptere, a Vietnami háborúban vált híressé.

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O that is gorgeous. What surprised me is flying tail down a few degrees. I usually see choppers tail up or level especially around here. Visibility I believe. Isn't that a little uncomfortable? O yeah, I love the sounds of that behemoth.

Author — MattsRanger


Sieht nach ner alten Maschine des Katastrophenschutzes aus Deutschland aus... Christoph 13 aus Bielefeld, oder Christoph 12 aus Eutin...

Author — ruehl manfred


Beautiful bird.. and that Huey noise!! 😍

Author — JayJo


the Bell 212 is a real legend . . . gotta remember it was the Bell X - 1 that broke the sound barrier . . . another versatile Bell machine .

Author — dan graham


Lots of 212s were at the airport my dad worked at when I was a kid, always loved the loud thumping sound the thick double rotors made.

Author — DJ


This is one of the craziest comment sections I think I've ever seen.

Author — Charlie Pashayan


For the Vietnam combat medic and nurses, this was the one sound that said help is on the way.look at the Vietnam women's memorial.what do you think they are looking up for???

Author — Claudette Shull


Bell 212 Twin Huey...Ol' Faithful....that baby saved a lot of lives during the Vietnam war.

Author — hulk7272


Pengen numpak helikopter sok tahun 5007 tuku sepuloh loss🤤😂😂😂

Author — Jembling Skuy


ABSOLUTE sound bee flyingwith theese several times fro Denmark to the oilrig in North sea....

Author — MM


Nice helicopter is heuy helicopter. Like this helicopter please Organise in india also. And it will open in Assam also please Organise in Assam for needed in Assam for comming minister.s in Assam districts. Where as like sahitya sabha and ministers of meetings like atmohohayok guts in Assam.



Das Glück hatte ich leider nie ! Und stehe oft Studenlang in der Wiese !

Author — Andreas Schärmer


Remember my time in 1980 when i was going to the Danish oilfiels`s with these wonder´s-best eve helikopters

Author — MM


Looks better with 4 main blades! Nice chopter.

Author — georgie sonymusic


Wonder which one of these two is the favorite for the pilots to fly?

Author — Bean