Trump Gets Mean With Stormy, Stormy Fires Back

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Trump Gets Mean With Stormy, Stormy Fires Back 5

When Donald Trump goes low, Stormy Daniels goes, 'Hi, tiny!'

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The whole world has to listen to the President of the United States fighting with his old bed partners. Disgusting.

Author — Jeff Hambleton


The president is arguing with a porn star. Think about that for a second.

Author — Devin Moultrie


Stormy clearly has a more intelligent and effective uhhmm grasp of the english language.

Author — sugarcayenne seVen


Trump is a porner (a person who uses a pornstar) so, he's no better than Stormy
but in this case, Stormy has eloquence and strong grammar usage. LOL.

Author — Rm EPD


I guess Ivanka has a"Horseface"too considering Trump told Stormy that she reminded him of his daughter! Lmao😏

Author — Kano Reese


The president arguing with a pornstar on Twitter, classy America, classy.

Author — Gethsemane


Stormy Daniels, a pornstar is more articulate and intelligent than the president of USA. Says a lot about the country.

Author — Suyash Awasthi


"She knows nothing about me, a total con!"
So he called himself a "con"? Did I get this right?

Author — GIRLS vs BOYS


When did flat-out lies become "hyperbole"???

Author — jpdemer5


I'm normally not a supporter of pornography... but after this I think I have a favorite porn star now just for that lmao. The last two hurricanes had nothing on hurricane Stormy ;)

Author — Christopher Chung


Love you Colbert and all at Late Night, so refreshing 🤣

Author — Stephan Söderberg


The worst mistake the United States Electoral College has ever done in modern presidential election history is electing Trump.

Author — Amanuel Reda


I think the longer Trump remains President the UN may have to impose sanctions on America

Author — aidan Ferguson


Love Stormy, she’s well spoken and doesn’t take crap from the 🍊Dumbass in Chief.👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻

Author — 3 Sterling


Trump is making America the laughing stock of the world again!

Author — bellabana


So it's legally ok to lie, so long as you're running for office?

Author — Matt Johnston


"A full and complete investigation." Just like into the Kavanaugh allegations.

Author — Raoul Radio


Probably was one of the judges Trump appointed. So, keep that in mind (he's been replacing federal judges left and right, for those not paying attention). If a single sports team got to pick ALL the referees, I imagine they might wind up as the champions despite terrible playing and tons of cheating... and only idiots would be mystified as to how.

Author — Shawn Wesley


We no longer have a whitehouse. We have A reality TV Bratt House.

Drama = Ratings
Ratings = Stroked Ego
Stroked Ego = A Mushroom Chuby

Trumfart Lives and breathes Television. He is in Truman Show.

Author — Jrod


Stormy is much more articulate and much more intelligent than Tiny. Should be an interesting battle. So _classy_ to have your president having a slanging match with a porn star for all the world to see.

Author — Carl Taylor