Fisherman off the coast of Manasquan, New Jersey captured a great white shark: Video

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Fisherman off the coast of Manasquan, New Jersey captured a great white shark: Video 5

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That young girl has a spirit beyond her years 💯💯💯👍🏾💪🏾

Author — Bryant Kee


That girl is the best optimist I have ever heard speak ✨

Author — Jessica N


Strong young girl right there . Love her will, very inspirational !!!!

Author — dee


This is the exact reason I don't go into the ocean. It's their world, not ours.

Author — Trolls Will Be Ignored


What a wonderful attitude she has! I wish her a wonderful life.

Author — Janeen DeRieux


What a strong spirit that girl has. Her resilience is a window to her pain.

Author — A guy named something


That girl could do a motivational tour with an attitude like that!!!

Author — Ian MacKay


I live in Jersey by the shore, have been working out / dieting hard for 3 yrs, got myself in shape, was planning to do lots of swimming this summer... then I see this. And now I'm thinking I should probably just buy a bike.

Author — Robert Cece


The Shark, warning the humans " Never Get Outta The Boat " Posting a mental sign " Trespassers Will Be Eaten ! "

Author — David Ellis


Best of luck to that young girl and keep staying positive.

Author — Elaine Mitchell


Paige is so cool! 😎 what a scary thing to experience yikes

Author — Amira


Very strong and smart girl. I am very proud of her. I will continue to pray for her. 🙏

Author — Tay -Tay Razors


I hope her optimism stays after those pain pills where off

Author — Platypus Maximus


“You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” 🚤 🦈

Author — The Equalizer 2014


Wow, that young woman that got attacked is so strong. Not letting anything bring her down!

Author — Gaius Julius Caesar


She's beautiful and amazing. She's proof that beauty is more than outward appearance. Wishing her all the best in her recovery 🙏♥️

Author — Carolyn Van Hosen


A shark will bite to inflict a fatal wound😷. And then it will eat the rest of your body. Once you have bled to death

Author — patrick weigand


Glad the young lady is in good spirits. But, let's keep in mind when we go into ocean, we are in their world.

Author — Juan Urizar


She has a great attitude. But, maybe we should leave the water to the citizens of the water.

Author — Jill Spady


She’s strong that’s Wasup . Strong people like this gives me motivation. Like if you believe

Author — Cody Hang