CRAZY things foreign guys do when looking for LOVE in ODESSA, Ukraine!? | Vodka Vodcast 006

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CRAZY things foreign guys do when looking for LOVE in ODESSA, Ukraine!? | Vodka Vodcast 006 4.5

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He asked her twice about the guys who were successful and she didn't answer the question, which means she hasn't had any successful clients.

Author — David


Foreign guy=friendly dog
Odessa woman= snobby cat

Author — Alec Vetter


2K$ for her ?! She wishes she had such offers, her imagination's drawed one more 0 behind, it was $200 max

Author — Ilya M


ha ha ha. she want 2000 dollars a day to be friend. You are dreaming. I am married to my money. Gold digger never able to get one cent from me!

Author — Samy Salman


All they talk about is money and stuff and dinners

Author — mahno730


so interesting comments. God... Can someone tell me what is this all about? tips to impress Ukrainian girls.. well.. ok.. I am Ukrainian girl. I live in Odessa, and work in a hotel for 2 years. so every week, every day (in Summer) i meet foreign men. looking for wife. first of all - it's so strange. looking for wife) a goal) I'm not judging anyone. It's just my opinion. "i will go to Odessa, poor city in a poor country. i will shake my money, and every girl will want me. they will stand in a line and I will pick" I can agree with Marianna about so many disgusting things. this is disgusting. if you want a hooker, you can find them anywhere and also in your f**ing damn country. so shut up please. and if you are smart, you can use your brain to find a real good girl. just don't be naive. we are not savages, you know. we have brains too. and don't be a jerk. we have enough native jerks here.

Author — Rera P


4:55 - Western dudes are so starved of attention from attractive girls that any sprinkle of attention they get when they are in places like Ukraine is easily interpreted that way.

Author — BeeboiZam


Cheaper here in Ontario for a good looking girl for the night..just saying

Author — Mike Fitzsimmons


"We go upstairs, have bouncy-bouncy in bed, make squishy-squishy :)

Author — j4d3 goat


She makes you miscomprehend the situation because flirting has become a part of her

Author — 李智


Be careful fellow dudes! A lot of these Ukrainian babes are skilled psychiatrists, with a black belt in the art of manipulation ... Nice guys will be eaten alive here ... it happened to me and i seen it many times with other guys.  Make friends with a nice Ukrainian guy and he will tell you the skinny on this ... never trust a woman for dating advice.

Author — Robin


The best piece of advice that she gave in this whole video was this .... “a guy can be doing everything right and then a one second just completely destroy his chances.”

THAT is a woman’s mind. Check box, check box, check box, check box, fail ...!


Author — Space Oddity


my first trip to Ukraine i meet a Ukraine guy in a cafe he told me Ukraine girls are like a bus, , , , wait 5 min and another we turn up)))

Author — Richard Williams


13:28 what the heck does she mean?
African girls are the ones supposed to be cheap?
This is so racist !!!
I'm from Africa and currently in Ternopil \ Ukraine and let me tell you that being cheap is a matter of personality and has nothing to do with geography

Author — Богдан б


Interesting tips in this video....I have an Italian friend who use to come often to Odessa..he told me that I should go there on holiday because it is easy to get local girls..personally I don't think he is painting the truth...I think he just went with some sex workers and it is not easy with regulat girls..just like in Italy...

Author — Marco Antonelli


After having visited Odessa recently, I think the girls are like girls anywhere. Maybe they are in some way a little more traditional.

Author — Daniel Bengtsson


I feeling you girl till you said African country, , that was reckless



Primitive you look like anjoy it...Madre de Deus :o)

Author — Lev Trido


As someone from Dallas.
I can confidently say we don’t claim that 55 yro snobby virgin

Author — Marlon Gutierrez


That was an excellent Vodcast. I learned a lot

Author — eric leblanc