Syria War 2018 - Intense Clashes and Fighting During the Battle for Hama

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Syria War 2018 - Intense Clashes and Fighting During the Battle for Hama 4
DISCLAIMER* This footage is part of an war clashes11 of the war in Syria and should be viewed as educational. This footage is also to be taken as a raw documentary on the events of the conflict in Syria. This footage is not meant to be violent in any way. I am only sharing this footage for the purposes of news reporting and educating. This is a war documentary.

War in Syria 2017 - Syrian FSA rebels attack army positions In different locations Of Hama governorate during the battle for Hama.

The 2017 Hama offensive is a military offensive launched by Syrian rebel groups north of the city of Hama, as part of the Syrian Civil War. The offensive began on 21 March 2018, and the rebels aim to recapture areas recaptured by the Syrian Armed Forces in the 2016 Hama offensive, as well as pushing into Hama city.

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Wars in Asia are impossible for any Superpowers to win Whether in Afghanistan or Vietnam or Korea.Go ask the Soviets who lost in Afghanistan or The Americans who lost to rice farmers in Vietnam & Korea.And cannot win against Taliban & sheep herders in Afghanistan.And people saying these Syrian rebels can't shoot or don't know about war.Umm these people know more about war than any of you who only see wars in movies & video games.

Author — Mongoloid Pride World Wide


The real winner here is the one who is selling these ak 47s

Author — Mandy's TOP 10


In Syria bullets find the targets on their own, aiming it's non existent.

Author — J0ZZE123


Girls locker room:
omg i hate PE
PE sucks

*Boys locker room:*

Author — Ting tong ling long


you wonder how they get all those tanks and rockets and guns and toyota's there..

Author — blackdaan


Is war really like this their enemy looks like its from miles away do they know AK's and other assault rifles is only effective engaging an enemy within somewhere 500 and so meters.

Author — Friedrich Nietzsche


4th Division Republican guard are best troops in Syria, these guys? are noobs.

Author — Navystrongbaby



Author — Marella Hormoz


This is very inacurate fire.
I can understand that you would spray and pray when you are defending and have stockpiles of ammo nearby, but why waste the little ammo you have by shooting at the sky.
In real conflict, if you are packing light armor/basic ammo then you can effectively fight only few minutes if you shoot like that.
Single ... aimed shots is the way to go. Leave spray and pray to machine guns.

Author — UninstallingWindows


Waste of Ammo, why not set up a fire team and out flank them..instead of spray and pray

Author — Zane Dickson


They go this way and their allies goes to the other side of the map, and start shooting each other.

Author — Freddie Endencio


They are saying allah hu akbar lol
If uts truth then why they are fighting

Author — Shivoham OM NAMAH SHIVAYA


This is what happens when you think you got unlimited ammunition 😂

Author — Paraduss Saboor Sensix


i dont understand why the African union does not intervene to avoid another Libyan crisis

Author — Phume Khumalo


there is still hope for the war to end in Syria after 7.5 years

Author — Joe 13


Most of them are dead..youguys do know that right?

Author — isaiah folley


That guy at 2:10 took down a lot of birds.

Author — Juzzi79 Shanti


لاحول ولا قوة الا بالله صارو الاجانب يفتحون قنوات ويتاجرون بقتالنا فينا بيننا 😔

Author — فديو منوع


And the moderate rebels all treat their prisoners very moderately. eh!

Author — Zaps Zapper


Goddam that was too many allah all allah akbarred our now.

Author — Greco-Americano