The rise of Xi Jinping: From life in exile to post-modern chairman | China Watch pt II

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The rise of Xi Jinping: From life in exile to post-modern chairman | China Watch pt II 4.5

China’s President Xi Jinping is one of the most powerful men in the world, but it hasn’t always been this way. Xi has stared down revolutionary fervor during the Cultural Revolution – and muscled out rivals in an atmosphere of brutal party politics to now become the paramount leader of China’s Communist Party. In this episode, we look at how Xi Jinping went from life among Beijing’s political elite – to living in a cave in remote countryside – to now being China’s most powerful ruler since Mao.

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Makes Game of Thrones look like a kindergarten picnic

Author — moreno franco


This guy is far more intelligent than Mao. That's why he is more dangerous

Author — Amadu Kamara


Much better story than Game of Thrones

Author — David


Everything aside what's up with these random background

Author — Doctor Doraemon


The “mood music” on this video is distracting and obnoxious. It significantly detracts from the presentation.

Author — J Stasiak


anyone watching during self quarantine??👀👀

Author — Rachit Tiwari


This guy took "Survive" to a whole new level



This guy was born to suffer and revenge, he is beyond Putin

Author — N N


have to admit, his hairline is quite enviable

Author — workoutfanatic787


8:06 I too, likes to occasionally walking backwards in front of the future leaders of China

Author — What Ever


this man is so radical, he even embrace the government who made his family suffered

Author — Sosong Wa


The damn music over the skype calls is unbearable. Did anyone watch this before posting it?

Author — Burp Robrox


REDDER than RED...because of the RIVER of BLOOD in HIS HANDS!

Author — wngchnKid


8:06 Dude in the back pulling off a sweet moonwalk lol

Author — Bryan


Damn, wat a King. Took his time to raise to the top

Author — John Aens


15 minutes of State sponsered advertising. Nothing more. The last line devoid of any critical analysis at the critical moment. Nice try, guys.

Author — fortion d


Soundtrack for this vid is confused to say the least

Author — Sean CR


With the accumulation of great power comes...
Me: Great responsibility!
...great risks.
Me: Responsibilities are risks so let's meet halfway.

Author — FinalDeity


I love how this channel is labelled "in-depth" and the video covers Xi from exile to date in under 15 mins 😂

Author — Ben Anthony


Some Chinese boi in the commitee: oh boi it's nearly 10 years I think I myself am going to have a chance at becoming the nex-
Xinping: *abolish term limits*
Chinese boi: D: wtf.

Author — KatzenProductions