Seinabo Sey - Sorry (Le Boeuf Remix)

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 years ago

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💬 Comments

Amazing vibes from this song !!! <3

Author — White Eagle Music Network


very nice tune !!! Excellent vocals !!!

Author — Bryan Jeske


My god .. so smooth .. the song was like hot knife through butter .. to my ears ..

Author — sandeep laik


Nearly 5 yrs later & not even 500k views, that's criminal . An Amazing song.

Author — Akhil


I just dont understand how it didnt become more commercial? Compared to other stuff this is also up there. Anyways, I will love this remix does justice to the lyrics. Well mixed.

Author — Victor Vega


Nice track...Hi guys, what other songs/artists of this nature are out there...I know of Kygo, Mahid Jordan, Disclosure and London Grammar already, and am looking for this type of mellow house. Ibiza/Buddha Lounge, Buddha Bar, is sometimes too deep or just plain boring, then Edm has gone fully commercial with rarely ever any nice percussion tracks.Much appreciated.

Author — tonidanza101


How the f does this song doesn't have 1B views???!

Author — Turki otb


awesome you don't have the backing track to this to you

Author — Tony Shawcross


Nothing can beat the original version. The integrity of this song is raped badly. Very sad. No soul

Author — Panteh A Kian


Remix kills the mood and meaning of the song

Author — Julian Walker


I just do not belive that it just 240.000 views

Author — abde alkodous aloui


Skam France got me here and I'm thankful

Author — Alia S