PAPO 2017 NEUHEIT !!!! Dimorphodon - Review #174 (german)

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Papo Neuheit 2017 - Dimorphodon
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It has an irresistible charm it is more like a pterosaur Jurassic Park. It is a mixture of pterosaurus and fantastic creature. Its colors are fabulous and for me it is a figure like all Papo very well modeled, hyperrealistic and detailed. He'll make a good team with Rebor's dimorphodon.

Author — manuel alejandro gomez ramos


It will match very well the deluxe CollectA 2017 dimorphodon and Rebor's Punch and Judy. As usual, it is a real pleasure watching your videos. Thanks for sharing your exciting unboxings!

Author — Mariam Bibi Hafejee


Kathrin that is beautiful it would be great if they make prehistoric land crocodiles like razana crocodile and baurusuchus and mariliasuchus and adamantinasuchus and armadillosuchus as well the big monster from RAGNAROK movie that would be great .

Author — Ali zaidi


Hoffe auf weitere Flugechsen von Papo, wie den Pterodacytlus... Rhamphorhynus...

Author — Fatih U.


Der Kopf ist nicht ganz so toll aber die Körperform ist net

Author — Ivan Karadzhov