Trevor Noah - Most Viewed Videos of 2019

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Trevor Noah - Most Viewed Videos of 2019 4.5

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I would like to see Trevor Noah hosting the Oscars

Author — Davols The First


" you know those short people with so much confidence.... It looks like they just chose to grow loooowww."....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Author — I.J K


When intelligence meets humor. Best Comedian Alive!!!

Author — jorgez ken-ur


Who wants to hear more stories about Trevor's little brother Isaac?

Author — RYH Kim


Trevor laughing in middle of his owns jokes is the cutest thing ever

Author — Padma Vathy


Trevor is the best. No vulgarity, just basic observation and hilarious. Good stuff.

Author — Wolfman73


after reading his book reading how sad it was when his mom was shot then seeing him turn it into comedy is just golden!! genius!

Author — A.


This guy is Outstanding, Outstanding. I like everything about him. As long as I keep my eyes on his jokes, and remember whatever happens in his personal life is his own business; He will be best comedian ever, there is no one like him. He is the next generation of comedy, to me.

Author — Kenneth Brown


3.5k dislikes!? Am starting to think that youtube has a dislike generator. Or people are just haters maybe!
Trevor Noah without swearing made it to the top!

Author — Sidney Sousa


Hey you random person going through the comments section, have a wonderful day...

Author — Dream is to reach 3000 subscribers


Nobody fenna talk about how Trevor can literally mimic trump voice like 🤯

Author — 21Devil God


Looking at the comments here and I'm shedding a little tear seeing people across the globe loving our Trevor. He is truely the best

Author — Sabelo Mguba


Who else is re-watching during this lockdown?

Author — Ajao Qazeem


It's very impressive how he can make people laugh without cursing. Also, he sends a lot of messages through his jokes in such an intelligent and impressive way.

Author — Mohamed Ayoub


Seeing Trevor having success makes me happy.

Author — Coastfog


"Accent is not measure of Intelligence". Bro, only if there were more people like you. You are awesome!

Author — Baljinder singh


Trevor Noah is a natural antidepressant.
His humour makes me happy and I laugh so loud I wake the kids up! He’s teaching me about the world, finding the humour in it so it’s not depressing, demonstrating gratitude to live by and showing me how to laugh at myself. Love him 💕

Author — Sally Nelson


That airport announcement joke, he hasn't heard the woman in Nigeria's Murutala Mohammed Airport before : )

Author — Anonymous Passerby


Trevor is a drug for quarantine! Period

Author — umer bashir


Man, this is the best thing to watch in quarantine. I laughed so hard.

Author — 13-robert-r 13-robert-r