12V DC Motor to AC Brushless Motor from CPU Cooling Fan - BLDC to AC Motor

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How to run at 12 volts brushless DC CPU fan without its driver circuit ? You can use your single phase 220v AC Supply and step it down to 12 volts AC using a transformer so as to run it as an AC synchronous motor by slowly increasing the AC Frequency.
Once the poles get synchronized , it works just fine.
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Correct Answer - I took another brushless motor which was geared and used it as a generator. I chose any 2 of its wires and connected it directly to my CPU Fan wires.
After that, when i turned it really slow, the frequency of the generated AC also became very less giving my CPU Fan time to catch-up to the changing poles and start the running part slowly.
After a few mili seconds, the poles got locked to the changing magnetic field there by making it synchronised and hence the rotation.
Faster i cranked my generator, faster the cpu fan moved.

Author — Mr Electron


It's make me very happy to see such methods of education. Thank you and may so many find themselves passing along in this way of education.

Author — Curtis Underwood


You may have used phase angle control, or a back emf controller to detect when to turn on the coil.

Author — Balint Nandori


wow don't know I could do that experiment with a bigger engine thank you for the video.

Author — Yuniel Cortiza


Nice video Good narration and Good explanation 👍🏻👍🏻 expecting more videos

Author — Gorentlamanohar Manohar


Mr electron ur videos are good n helps me for not ruining lot of thing out of curiosity

Author — Almighty Wish


Ur are very good and helpful to me. Good explanation also I am a fan of u 😊

Author — Parthiv


You use a lamp dimmer to lower the frequency of the ac mains

Author — andini attina salsabila


What will happen when we connect one capacitor to this, by giving 12v AC?

Author — Nikhil Kasab


I think you use dc current with the help of diodes bridge rectifier or use switching transistor or switching ic like 1 0 1 0 1 0 👍

Author — Rock Works (By Ashish)


He used a ac fan voltage regulator. If you do a phase shift as he has two sets of poles already then without that magic he can start it directly with a standard 12v ac supply. Why do we have a caps in ceiling fans and domestic motors?

Author — vinay ladwal


Creio que usar o sistema Bedini fica mais funcional.

Author — Mente Criativa


even though it's BLDC motor, at the end it's runs on ac signal, where driver circuit do the conversion, yet I'm curious which method u used to run that motor, I'm subscribed to see the following video.😇

Author — sandeep


Hi I feel 2 things either you used capacitor, or you used the power supply DC and changed polarity for it to turn clockwise and anti-clockwise, I also feel this because the RPM increased without voltage change you cannot increase RPM AC transformer was 12V stable!! 😂😂😂😂 Great Video 👍🏻👍🏻

Author — C#


thats why permanant magnets are rarely used in ac motors.

Author — bazrazin1


Dear Mr Electron
I watched your video on how to reverse a universal motor using a dpdt switch.

Please advise how to attach speed control to that.

I have a dc speed controller 2 wires for the motor and two for the battery.

Can you please advise where to put the two wires to the universal motor.

I’ve tried a few things and it’s not working.

Your help would really be appreciated.

Author — Yasar Arif


Hii bro in this project you have used dc supply and we all know that dc does not change it's polarity like ac that's why you have not pushed the fan rotor...
I hope i am correct... 👍👍👍👍

Author — Smoker Ayuxh


Sir make a copper wire spot welding machine on computer ups transfer. .
Dose we melt 18 gauge wire for motor ..i need this type bt market have this machine price is 3000+..
I have a old ups bt safty components ke saath app ek video banao please. .

Author — Debasis Das


I have a burnt hall sensor in one fan, I have a second one, I want to connect it connected via 3 wires to the coil of a working fan, type 1 hall sensor for 2 fans, will it rotate?

Author — OneStar Layman


I think you used some kind resistance or frequency controller