Silver Eagle Prices? Here's what Local Coin Shops are PAYING!

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Even with Spot going UP, Silver Eagle Prices have been coming down... so, what are Local Coin Shops PAYING for Silver Eagles now? We called 5 Different Local Coin Shops to find out just that!

One would assume that with the Silver Price Premiums coming down that shops would be paying less... but you won't believe what some coin shops are still offering!

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Silver Eagle Prices? Here's what Local Coin Shops are PAYING!

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💬 Comments

In Europe, Poland, where I live, ASE is sold for the equivalent of $47 and bought for $25.
For that reason I don't have a single ASE. My stack is based on silver Noah's Arks and Owl of Athens coins.
Beside, silver is taxed with VAT here. It's better to buy gold.

Author — @jerzyzbiaowiezy9243


A few weeks ago my LCS was selling eagles for $29. I was thinking about getting some but even that's a little too high when I'm just working on increasing my base stack. Thanks for the vid and info.

Author — @AnxiousStacker


Thanks for keeping us informed! Great to know the pulse out there.👍

Author — @richardmetcalf2346


It's a real shame that the premiums are still high on ASEs imo, especially when you're probably not getting that back when selling as we see here. I'm sticking with mainly generic rounds and bars for adding weight to the stack.

Author — @sandserpent21


I appreciate these videos. Definitely shows the importance of shopping around.

Author — @camerakid76


Shop 5 sounds like a good shop even with the low offer.

Author — @sixgunsun


I sold some Morgans from my father's collection to a LCS last week (none dinged or scratched) and got about $25 ea. (needed the cash) Felt like I had been ripped off ~

Author — @georgehofgren6123


I've been a coin show dealer for a long time. If I had a large quantity I'd recommend renting a table at a local show and selling there.

Author — @poppropst


Thanks for another valuable video. Appreciate the time and effort needed to continue sharing this information.

Author — @philippaul7812


When I first bought silver, it was $15 per ounce in 2017. It's so hard for me to buy silver now that it's 24 per ounce. My LCS would only give me $24 for an eagle. I would never sell to them.

Author — @TheSilverBackStacker


I’m from the uk and the premiums on silver are way too high, could you tell why that would be?
It would be good to see content on comparing differences between countries around the world and would probably bring in more eyeballs to the channel

Author — @physicsariel9237


It's good to know that they pay over spot! Thanks for the video and keep on stacking!

Author — @johnathonjones9272


I’m very curious to see how much over spot they’re selling ASE’s for 🧐

Author — @bullionaddict9164


Thanks. I appreciate this a lot more than trying to sell me stock in a Junior Minor.

Author — @tomtharos4440


And this is the reason why I refused to buy ASEs these past few years. And the premiums are still way over priced. So I’ll continue to wait when it comes to ASEs

Author — @Kick_Rocks_


Great real world insight! Thanks Silver Seeker!

Author — @StrongStacker1


I kept telling people, don’t expect more than spot when you sell, and if you get a little more be happy. Yet, so many were paying $10, $15, $20 over. Crazy.

Author — @oneisnone7350


Yes, this is interesting . But I remember Paying up to $13.00 Over Spot during the last 3 Years . Hold . Never Sell . I Pays to shop around though .

Author — @QuaaludeCharlie


Seeker these videos are the best, you show exactly what the market is doing. 👍

Author — @georgecampbell1453


Right now at $9 premium means you would still lose $4-$5 per coin. I'd rather get spot for buffalo rounds and lose about $2.50. The biggest question i have, is it worth losing more on the premium for more liquidity?

Author — @funshine3571