Frances Ha Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Noah Baumbach Movie HD

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Frances Ha Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Noah Baumbach Movie HD

Frances Ha is a 2012 dramatic comedy film directed by Noah Baumbach.



Noah Baumbach
Rodrigo Teixeira
Eli Bush

Greta Gerwig

Jennifer Lame

Sam Levy


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This is the most colorful colorless film I've ever seen

Author — shawn 21


Her dancing down the street is one of my favourite scenes ever.

Author — Sinead Smith


What's funny is that this is being called hipster when it's really one of the harshest critiques on hipsters I've ever seen.

Author — jimbo swisher


Frances Ha is deliciously about real people.

Author — Jorge Luís


She is Phoebe Waller Bridge's soul sister...

Author — irock2403


I kind of loved it. Greta Gerwig is hilarious. I related to how nothing went right for her. 

Author — johnnyatab


I actually forgot it was in black and white as I was watching it

Author — landondonovanify


I normally hate these kind of movies but this one I really liked. I can't even explain why. I thought Greta Gerwig's performance was amazingly funny sad and awkward and not in those cliche ways that most movies have a young gorgeous rich starlet insecure and looking for love.

Author — Sergio Lobato


I'm asian and somewhat low class but i love indie films. Art allows me to look at multiple perspectives rather than my narrow, limited vision of the world. Frances' journey in this film was really entertaining, and i don't need to be white to enjoy it and laugh with her.

I'd much rather complain about summer blockbusters and the romanticism of
rich white men than a black and white indie starring a middle class role.

Author — PhantasmagoriaFP


As a latin, brazilian e middle class, I can say I recognized a lot with the film. I'm trying to live with my dream job, it's getting hard, and harder to pay the bills. You don't need color to recognize with something, neither, and specially, to enjoy something.
It's a great movie, and knowing a little bit of Baumbach's movie and sensibility, I'm sure he can work as good as in others cultures and realities.

Author — Luiz Lianza


The David Bowie song was made for this movie!

Author — Jonathan Riveros


That subtle ending where she realized the beauty of life in that simple glance between her and her best friend brought the passion in her life home. Authentic human connection and love. So sweet.

Author — Patricia Alley


I'm surprised at how impressed are males by this film.  It has a great script, two beautiful performances by the female leads and great dialog. Thank God for Greta! 

Author — Dinastía Chow Fan


This is the most charming movie that I've seen in years. One of the best of 2013.

Author — Matt Cipolla


Such a modern classic! Love this film. Want to watch it over and over again.

Author — Alex Ama


I absolutely loved it.

There is a bit of life that doesn’t have a name. The bit between being a young man and a grown up. This is a film about that.

Author — Malcolm Armstrong


By saying this movie is hipster is implying that David Bowie is hipster, and that is most definately a sin.

Author — Sian B.


"Because I'm not really doing it". Classic banter

Author — Lorenzo Intransit


I will not forget this movie and I will watch it again and again. This movie makes me feel good.

Author — Khaled Writer


I just saw this movie and I feel great

Author — Raul Morales