Mel Lewis: MUSICAL DRUM SOLO from Central Park North - 1974

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Mel Lewis - Drums
Thad Jones - Flugelhorn
Jon Faddis, Steve Furtado, Jim Bossy, Cecil Bridgewater - Trumpets
Jimmy Knepper, Billy Campbell, Quentin "Butter" Jackson, Dave Taylor - Trombones - Jerry Dodgion, Ed Xiques, Billy Harper, Ron Bridgewater, Pepper Adams - Reeds - Walter Norris - Piano - George Mraz - Bass
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I'd LUV to hear every person who gave this a thumbs down or negatively commented on it sit in with this band and try to make music and swing the band as Mel did. It would be great to see most likely each and every one of them shit the bed and have their egos beaten down to a pulp. THE END.

Author — paradidd


Absolutely Love Mel Lewis! He plays with creative style and ease! My intro to him was through Maynard Ferguson's album, 'The Blues Roar'. Buy it, play it and you'll love it!
Thanks for posting this!

Author — Jusayin


Love the sounds Mel gets out of his drums and cymbals. He’s truly a great artist!

Author — Rick S


So cool to see Thad Jones playing cowbell with Mel Lewis!

Author — rillloudmother


“Mel doesn’t sound like anyone else, and that’s the best thing you can say about any musician.” (Buddy Rich)

Author — Thomas Giering


I like the line from the interview. "If you watch me, it doesn't look like I'm doing much." Radical.

Author — Cryptonymicus


Brings new meaning to the request for more cowbell.

Author — Car Story


Mel Lewis has definitely become to me, the best big band drummer of all time.

Author — Hogan Bentle


That big dude with the cowbell is kinda scary!

Author — Richard Harris


If they only left all that extra percussion out and just let the man solo. He was such a great musician. I saw this band back in 1981 in Baltimore. Great group. Dizzy said that Mel was the only white man who could truly swing.

Author — Seth Wexler


It sounds to me as though someone has fallen downstairs with a drum kit.

Author — Colin Seymour


Great drummer! Cow bells belong in in the milk barn

Author — Don Filkins


I'm a drummer and I guess I don't get it. I don't see anything special about this other than its just a guy sitting on a throne hitting an out of tune drum kit.

Author — dannyd1572


Santa's workshop! Never pass out percussion toys to the rest of the band.

Author — David Derge


Either this guy is really good...

...or he isn't.

Author — Stu Mas