Abrams M1 tank taking and absorbing MAJOR damage compilation

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Abrams M1 tank taking and absorbing MAJOR damage compilation 3.5
Ever seen a Abrams M1 tank taking and absorbing MAJOR damage well now you have whether being hit by IED in iraq the Abrams M1 tank takes and absorbs damage like nothing

the Abrams M1 tank has been taking and absorbing major damage since the first gulf war

the abrams m1 tank, m1a2 tank, or m1a1 tank have been the tip of spear for the us military for a long time which makes wonder when and by what would it be replaced with.

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that's a powerful bomb... it just lifted a 69 tons vehicle like it was nothing

Author — Mr. Coffee


0:42 "let's run over this car just for lols" "Hey did you feel that" "what"

Author — zigger


The Russians jump dirt ramps with the T-90 and say how impressive it is.... Abrams jumps IED ramp, _nobody impressed?_

Author — Morte Parla


1:17 Was I the only one expecting to see the tank turn its turret towards the camera and unleash 120mms of freedom?

Author — Emperor Of Mankind


First tank crew: "Did we just hit a dog?"

Author — Rhodanide


*fires rpg at Abrams*

yeah thats gonna work

Author — Myem


Takes huge explosion get lifted in air over a meter
Tank be like: dammm annoying mosquitoes!

Author — ManOfCulture


Interviewer: “how did you design such a tank?”
Maker: “hell have you seen some of the pot holes we have in US?”

Author — Stone Fox


When a video about Abrams gets destroyed our Middle-East and Eastern European friends invades the comment section. But when about Abrams got survive you cant see anything but few in the comment section. TY for showing this tank can take a beating :)

Author — Ruin39


I gotta give it to USA. Great tanks ....I've seen what happened to russian tanks during Chechen war. A bunch of metal with bbq'd bodies....vote for trump

Author — philip coffman


Do we know what happened to the crews of these MBT's? Even if you're within the protection of an armoured metal structure you can still be killed by the percussive effects of the explosion. A shell from the Bismarck hit the conning tower of the Prince of Wales in May 1941 during the Battle of the Denmark Strait (the one in which the Hood was sunk) and, although the shell failed to explode, the impact with the metal structure was enough to kill everyone inside.

Author — John Dean


Meme the Alt Right?
That would mean that I’d then be Alt Left. Why would I want to be that?

Author — Gary Kirchoff


my deepest heartfelt sympathies to our soldiers and their families for their personal losses God bless you all

Author — Liam McLillyz


1:16 just imagine your rocket hits explodes and all you see through the smoke is that barrel turning toward you

Author — Aarons117


"We didnt even penetrate their armor"

Author — Meh楯山


lol 2:20 you could see the leading tank turning hull and turret like "wtf was that"

Author — Tyler Reifers


0:10 holy ****. the crew must've been tossed around like crazy. glad the Abrams survived

Author — Thunder X


"Abrams M1 tank taking major damage without actually showing the aftermath or the crew"

Author — Riccardo Balbo


Tiresome and misleading, all it shows are tanks being blown up, no aftermath to show the vehicles actually ABSORBED the damage and what state of operational readiness they were in after.
The second half of the video has a soldier talking about their IFV being blown up, which is neither an M1 Abrams NOR did it "absorb"any damage, it was completely destroyed.
Crappy video, crappy compilation.

Author — Nikodemus Sajuukhaar


I love how he stops and turns the thickest armor toward the rpg

Author — Breezy Mods