Billie Eilish Freaks Out While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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Billie Eilish Freaks Out While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones 5

Billie Eilish is the hyper-talented singer/songwriter behind platinum hit singles like "Ocean Eyes" and "Lovely," and her first studio album—When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?—is set to drop March 29th. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as the 17-year-old phenom becomes the youngest guest ever to take on the wings of death. As Billie battles through the spice, Sean Evans busts out a full bag of Hot Ones tricks, including a blind soda tasting and a breakdown of some of Billie's most iconic outfits.

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Season 8
Episode 7

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#hotones #spicywings

#hotones #spicywings

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Shout out to the youngest guest in Hot Ones history!

Author — First We Feast


This is how many people want to see Keanu Reeves

Author — Abi_P


Billie: I don’t wanna lick them..
Also Billie: *Licks them*

Author — frugggy


today is the day that I realised that Billie Eilish has the smallest hands in existence

Author — OnE


Why after billie did that thing with her lips after licking

I did the same thing

Author — Galacticspacechamp


I feel like this is as close to drunk as we will ever see her lol

Author — Lindsey Hilts


I love the fact that he never makes anything awkward.

Author — Navaeh Pederson


This video just reminds me of how much of a kid billie is

Author — ReactAndGame_WithDavid


"did you have fun"
"Cheers Billie"

Author — Monsieur Morales


*emotional music while billie chews*

everyone: wow.... that’s deep,

Author — Wonton Jr.


She burped and continued talking like nothing happened. I can’t stop laughing xD

Author — Kab Loom


I can, I can’t, I can, I CAN, I CAN! No no I can’t, I can’t.

Sounds like me on a math test

Author — Sometimes I just wish you were gay


I just love Billie's face when he started shaking that last bottle. She was like " wtf are you doing "?!

Author — Nikolina Stanišić


“Be careful with your eyes” *sticks hands in water* 💀💀💀

Author — CJ YAMAMA


She's actually shorter when she stands up lol

Author — Kyle Meirow


Every time I see this it makes me hungry and at the age of 11...I ain’t scared and I LOVE spicy food lmao.

Author — Artemis


Billie Eilish:
I can't, I can't, I can't, I can, I can, I can't.

13 Year old girls:
TheRe mUSt bE a dEePer MeANinG

Author — Nerd Herd


I love how she talks about a cute little childs game and then moves to how great red dead was

Author — Domathicc


I love how he asks questions about her and she just ignores him while being burned

Author — Yea I play on switch


Boy I am old I thought Billie eilish was a black guy that sang " get out of my dreams get into my car,

Author — Kevin West