WE9LE | Khedira volley vs USA [FWC'14]

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World Soccer: Winning Eleven 9 Liveware Evolution goal + commentary
The commentary are not part of the official game!
Level of difficulty: ★★★★★★ (6 stars)
Great thanks to Vodoved!
Game mode: Exhibition
Condition: Random
Season: 2013/14
WE9LE Road 2 Brasil patch 2014 [3 Gb]:
Game [1,17 Gb]:
FWC'14 menu/highlights music:

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Awesome goal, man! :) I have a problem with we9le, with the bootserver especially(i think): I have all the boots assigned(I use this WC2014 patch that you have in description), but in away team, no matter what team it is, the first 3 or 4 players from attack have random boots. How can I fix that? For example it's Real vs Barca: Benzema, Cristiano and Bale/Isco and the rest of the team have the assigned boots, but in Barcelona Neymar and 2 more players have random boots, not the assigned ones, and I think in the second half Real has the problem and Barcelona is fixed. it's very weird.

Author — 獅子Denis


Brilliant volley goal ! keep up the good work...

Author — sadik Bajrami


where doing a pes 6 series and we want you to play cm we need your stats and apperance please (realistic) but post them on lewises channel

Author — Ryan Loughran


You have link winning eleven 9 le k patch

Author — Muh Aabid_07