Win On The Road! 💪 | Southampton 0-1 Man Utd | Highlights

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 months ago

Relive our 1-0 victory against Southampton at St Mary's. Featuring a United debut from Casemiro and an incredible strike from Bruno Fernandes to secure the three points!


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This is the win we have been waiting for. A win that boost a teams spirit

Author — Мистер Огонёчек


So heartwarming to see Bruno celebrating with Ronaldo.

Author — ArmanProREAL9


Nothing beats seeing Maguire on the bench today, it gives the team such a great boost in performance and team spirit, this will be United's year. 😍

Author — Nick


Ten Hag always needs about 8 matches to form a competitive squad. Even with Ajax this was the case every season. Imagine forming a new team every season cause of losing top players. This was reality for him. So I'm not surprised how this all plays out. Give the man time and he will transform this club.

Author — Kim Yung ill


I don't understand why you guys can criticize Maguire so much? He deserves a lot of praise in the last 2 games, not everyone can fully control the bench as well as him.

Author — Abubakar mohamed Abubakar


You know what,
Maguire literally deserve motm every game, because of him were actually succeeding and winning games, he’s not even conceding or not making mistakes!
Class performance👏

Author — ConcussionBoi


Lisandro Martinez short but his timing and leap make him better in the air than 99% of other strikers. Maguire was forcing him to mark everyone so that's why he looked shaky in the first 2 games

Author — Zone Time


Harry Maguire with another legendary performance... keeping the seats warm for 90+ minutes

Author — AA17


That was a great pass to set up Bruno for the goal. Several players running in from the edge of the penalty area to the six-yard box drew the defenders in, creating a huge gap at the top of the penalty area for Bruno to step into. Then a pass he could one-time, not giving the goalie any chance to get over and stop it.

Author — Denton Young


I observed that Ten Hag was more focused on team chemistry than big wins.

Author — Agus Pangestu


When Ronaldo broke in the last counter, I had a flashback vision to CL 2009 semi with Rooney and Park busting their guts alongside him. Ah, memories.
How the move broke down just shows how much room for improvement there still is.

Author — Mubashir A.


I've got to say this, Ten Hag is truly building a competitive squad here... Trust the progress ❤️🖤

Author — Martin Lopez


This is the win we have been waiting for. A win that boost a teams spirit 👏 ❤🙏

Author — Derrick Cusby Owusu


Hard win.... Let’s give it up to McGuire for his lovely performance at the heart of the bench.

Author — Kofi Tekpetey


Clean sheet! Now that's a thing we need more. Varane Martinez partnership is going strong

Author — Hei Chan


Martinez defending is top notch .. deserves appreciation ... teamwork in brunos goal 👏

Author — SVN Editzz


Amazing assist by Dalot, this kid that Jose Mourinho brought proving himself.
(I would say it's a masterclass find by Jose)

Author — hiimdarius


Bruno should have continue running straight so that Ronaldo could pass the ball between him and Southampton's defender and he may had a chance to score his second goal but instead he ran towards Ronaldo's path and the pass didn't work. Anyways, happy for the consecutive wins 💪💪.

Author — Kinito Kinny


Fernandes' goal was more than a goal, it was a team goal. It's been a long time since I've seen United make a move like that. I was very happy to see Casemiro on the field, he will give us more security in the midfield and also defensively!

Author — FutEditzs


Maguire back at it again with the man of the match performance, barely any mistakes were done.

Author — ïzmïr s.