❌❌Living in Costa Rica 25+ years - Don't Miss This! - work Retire, Relocate, move to CR, expat life

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❌❌Living in Costa Rica 25+ years - Don't Miss This! - work Retire, Relocate, move to CR, expat life 4.5

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Charlie has lived in Costa Rica 25 years.... He has seen and lived it ALL. Here is his story. And what a story it is. ENjoY!


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💬 Comments on the video

The presenter keeps interrupting rudely. The gentleman is trying to tell his story.

Author — Nigel Graham


Charlie is freaking awesome.

The host needed to just shut up and let him talk.

Author — Connor Wilson



Author — mw10259


interesting story but I wish you didn't keep interrupting Charlie cool and interesting info ...glad charlie's perseverance paid off as he seemed like a decent bloke....cheers mate!

Author — badnews


Sad, just 3 minutes into this and Charlie has told us he is a 4 year university graduate. Yet he is ignorant of the geography of the American hemisphere. Most people from the states are brainwashed to think they are the only 'Americans', not realizing that Canada and Mexico are part of North America. Then there is Central America and South America. Too bad he wasn't taught geography in all his years of schooling.

Author — Karen Rogers


Lesson #1 At anytime the rules can change and their isnt a Goddamn thing you can do about it in Costa Rica.Expats beware.

Author — Bruce Gelman


great information..would have been even better if you didnt speak over your guest speaker every chance u got

Author — erica


"are there beaches in Costa Rica?"
funniest shit I've heard all day.

Author — I_Dont_Eat_My_Friends


Want to make a million bucks in Costa Rica?Bring 2.

Author — Unko Limu


I don't understand everybody's obsession with buying property. Especially when you're just new in a place and don't even know if you'll like it.

Author — missmayflower


Hey Charlie I believe I met you back in 1998 in Dominical or close to it. You said you had a property that needed landscaping and that was my career at the time along with surf bum. Anyway I didn't go up to your place because it was time for a year of backpacking to end. Wow man its rad seeing you on this video! I am planning on coming down to Costa Rica this winter. I'll stop buy man! Seriously I was the 6'4" blond dude from Minnesota full of the spirit of travel. I drove a Ford econoline down from Minnesota back then. When we met I didn't have the van anymore and was working my way north from Panama. Stoked man. Pura Vida

Author — Curtis Mulder


He broke all the rules but because it only cost him $10k initially, then he managed through scraping by for years to hold on to his property. That and he has a good heart and some good contacts. I'm a R.E. professional who has done quite nicely here in C.R. by knowing where, what, and when to buy. Renting vs buying. My advice if you are unsure and want to avoid headaches, have instant mobility, and can afford the monthlies, then certainly rent. However if you want to settle in an area, start a business, know what the costs will be and can afford them, then you're a candidate to buy. The main obstacle gringos have is projecting the way of life they've come from onto their new surroundings while they're here on vacation. Everyone does it, its the "stardust effect". It's a rude awakening when you've plopped down a big chunk of $$$ and signed the papers, before you were fully schooled first.

Author — Hari Khalsa


WTF... all he did was keep repeating himself

Author — diver dave


He's a Cali teacher people. Blind faith. OMG! He's lucky to have left with his life.

Author — Michael Johnson


Persistence. Determination. Dedication. Courage. It's all there! Talk about handling your business, and not going down when all around you things are literally coming apart! He really went for it - going through some extended nightmare periods, in order to continue realizing his dream! Bien hecho! =)

Author — inspired528


would be nice if the interviewer would pan the scenery for each interview.

Author — Pink Shadow


Thanks ! I am from Costa Rica and moved to the US back in 1988.
Live about an hour West of Chicago now and people here always ask “ why did I move from such a beautiful place?” This is a story for the tough to hear ... but my point is they think is all pink color there, palm trees and Imperial all the time, not so. Your videos are very good, realistic!

Author — 66gema


I totally agree with the host "talking" over Charlie. It's a communication error. This is the way some of my co-workers communicate, they will not allow you to finish your statement without them interrupting over and over. Patience is totally a virtue. : )

Author — R Gonzalez


Never buy property in Costa Rica, .just rent, don't go through the heartache that 90% of all "homeowners", go through . please.dont do it.

Live here for a year, a full year. and rent, then after the second or third year rent some more.the property you buy now will only be "secluded" for so long, always have an escape plan for Costa Rica, remember folks, the government does not have foreigners interests at heart. This is coming from someone who has fallen in love with this country, and considers it home!.

Author — ImNotAPsycho


Bloke on the right talks too much. Bloke on the left doesn't need the prompts...

Author — leanderian