How to Open Service Menu of TCL Smart Tv, Factory Settings

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This video shows How to open service menu of tcl smart tv Factory Settings,how to enter service menu in tcl smart tv,tcl smart tv factory menu code by Electronic Secret.

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is there a menu function for checking the TCL camera settings - my tv came with a camera but it has stopped working and I suspect it is a software issue

Author — @shekeabus


How about tcl halted verification failed is only in the screen when you open the tv?

Author — @lynnasutilla1357


Bro do you knwo what does mean PW and starting counting, flashing different colors? I turn something on and now i with timer pw in left corner

Author — @Matthew-fn2lp


Hepl me, i have press 9735 and my screen goes dim..isnot showing full liĝht

Author — @dennismsafi1887


tcl tv channel blocked enter can I fix it w/0 using remotetcl tv channel blocked enter password

Author — @johnverdamas1734


My TCL 32 android led showing me no commed eorr so what is issues?? I want to fixed this eorr please help me

Author — @user-ok6fd5sn6x