Blood Moon Yasuo Skin Spotlight - League of Legends

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 years ago

League of Legends Blood Moon Yasuo Skin Spotlight.

Shows off Animations and Ability Effects of Yasuo on their Blood Moon Skin in this Spotlight.

All footage was taken in game.

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💬 Comments

things I would have changed
1. Filter for the voice to make him more demonic
2. made the flute sound more haunting
3. made his drink red
that's about it



I think you can skip the part where you capture the dominion tower!

Author — Vegeta


Why do people don't like his hair, I think that red hair with a white part on it looks amazing.

Author — Gökmen Sert


one of the most underrated skins on league

Author — Kirenai


i want yasuo chroma packs on his original costume. all white would be nice.

Author — Jonah Ghost


just got this its so nice!, getting spirit blossom next.
these are the best 2

Author — Truth Yasuo


I would've bought it if they changed the mask, don't get me wrong the whole thing looks amazing.
I just think it would've been better to place the mask on the side of his face like blood moon Akali, or place the mask on the belt of his skin like as an accessory. If it was like that I would buy it 100%

Author — GummiSnek


They should change it so that Yasuo's instrument plays blood moon Diana's login screen

Author — Katchy


This skin ain’t bad idk why people hate it

Author — Studio LaDs


One thing am always do it when I meet enemy's


Author — ณภัทร โพธิ์ฤทธิ์สกุล


The blood looks odd, and the sound gets annoying quickly, otherwise I like it.

Author — Man of Shitpost


Im still waiting for a legendary Zed, Lee, Yasuo skin . I think a gold-white (royal look) Zed with glowing green blades would be nice !

Author — Zovers


i hope they change the voice into something dark themed

Author — CzeD ZeD XeD SeD


I love this skin but in Vietnam, they buy it with the price higher than Project Yasuo. LOL!!!

Author — Thế Đạt Lô


Anyone hear the sound differences between crits. and normal attacks

Author — //PROJECT JT314


The best for me... see my demon, fighting for the blood moon, jonia are sad to see how, i can destroy lives with a deal and a moon

Author — Yasuo


Don't know if this or project yasuo is the better

Author — Dee Lan


How Yasuo play on flute with no holes in mask!!!??? WTF!!!???

Author — Domini canes


Recall animation is really nice, but the skin itself is kinda not as good as it's splash art, for some weird reason.
Probably still gonna buy it though.. -.-

Author — Yujin


because we need ANOTHER new Yasuo skin, while champs like LeBlanc haven't seen a non-legacy skin since their release in 2010

Author — Apox