Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Alaska. Stay till the end, please. Battle of Attu.

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Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Alaska. Stay till the end, please. Battle of Attu. 4
Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Alaska. Stay until the end, please. Battle of Attu, Alaska.

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none of this bothers me. I still want to move to Alaska

Author — Steve Marks


I live in Alaska and the milk is not $10 that’s in barrow and in all the other small native villages I live in Soldotna and milk gets to about $2.45 on a good day

Author — XxRuThLEsSxX


Dude do u even live in alaska lol most of the things he said only happens wen he goes farther up north

Author — jrock 117


Don’t know if we said this, but we ride polar bears all the time.

Author — Daniel Fisher


This is fun to watch, but most of the 400, 000 residents of metro Anchorage-Matsu would laugh at this. Most of these criticisms are either childish, funny, distorted, or simplistic hyperbole. Here are a few facts:

1. The populated areas of Alaska (like South Central) have all of the infrastructure that you have in Seattle, Portland, Spokane, etc. This includes highways, expressways, broadband, malls, colleges, rail service, and every form of retail and service.

2. The Midnight Sun in the summer is no hindrance. Close the drapes and go to sleep. No issue. Most folks like it.

3. Thirty percent of Alaska has milder winters than Minnesota, both Dakotas, Montana, Wisco, Wyoming, etc.

4. Yes, the cost of living is higher, but so are the wages.

5. Bears on your property? If you live in South Central in an urban neighborhood, that would be very rare. Maybe an occasional leave him/her alone. No issue.

The rest of this is not worth a comment.

Author — bboucharde


This is all crap im going to say some good things:
1. The mountains are beautiful
2. You get paid to live here
3. Yeah sure its cold, when your hot you can only take off so many layers in the cold you can add as much as you need
4. At least you can see the mosquitos here and there not invisible
5. The sports♥️ (skiing, snowboarding) a lot of states cant do that
6. Direct flights to Hawaii
7. Studded tires are a thing
8. We are bigger and better than Texas
9. Salmon
Alaska’s great dont hate!

Author — Abby Strobel


Im moving to Alaska from Texas BECAUSE of these reasons lol i love the cold, i love my guns, i love the scenery

Author — HawtChili


Dude you just described most of Canada.

Author — Brad Hart


Sick and tired of California. I want to move here.

Author — Kikyo-sama


Bob Ross painted Alaska a lot. It’s beautiful!

Author — sushi bear


No trendy clothing in Alaska like the soy boys in Los Angeles? SOLD

Author — Jason Schmidt


This video should be named "Top 10 reasons why Russia sold Alaska to USA"

Author — Yed


The high cost of living is high but we get dividends every year and there is no sales tax

Author — Adam Wensten


I was 21 years old and hitchhiked to Alaska from California, I lived in anchorage for a year, then I went to the Arctic arctic and lived in Kotzebue Alaska.



I live in south Florida, and I've been to Alaska before. It's one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. I don't think I would have any problem living there.

Author — Gilliam Lewis


Honestly living in Alaska for 16 years you get used to the cold but I understand if you come from California and aren’t toughened up by the coldness

Author — Harryporter 15


There could literally be saber toothed tigers leaping out of the sewers at small children on the daily and I’d still move to Alaska.

Can’t wait to live in the Best State ❤️

Author — Little Caladan


On the subject of clothes. Carheart. Is not a clothing line in Alaska . It's a lifestyle choice.

Author — Rang123 Yea


Bruh I live in Alaska, this just sounds like a tourist complaining 😂 if ya gonna make a video about this fam at least try actually living here first

Author — Malayna _6205


The mosquito is the official state bird of Minnesota not Alaska