Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostat - Install and Set-up

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Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostat - Install and Set-up 4.5
In this video you will learn how to remove your existing thermostat and install a Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostat Model RTH6580WF. You will also learn how to connect the thermostat to your Wi-Fi system and pair it with your Amazon Echo.

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*This thermostat is   So so so easy to use compared to the old programmable t-stat we had, the app control feature is awesome as well !!!!*

Author — Anan Buvkhome


Just got ours setup today this thing is amazing!!! I can control it by voice!! With Alexa!

Author — Tiffanys Got time today


Excellent video! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

Author — Xavier Cabezas


Good vid, thanks for sharing. Looks straight forward but I'm sure I'll refer back, come install time :)

Author — Tim Kemp


Your like the Mr. Rodgers of HVAC, that isn't meant to be an insult, quite the opposite. Great video.

Author — Johnny-Retro


l think you did a great job with the back plate. great idea. i have a nest i think it is easier to install.

Author — Nelson Contreras


Great job (neighbor) on adapting that new unit to the existing location!

Author — S D


Why does mine go to 50 some times, no preprogramm?

Author — Scott M


Is it mandatory that I use Amazon Echo?

Author — jsemenya


The thermostat is OFF center . You should have turned the the first plate 90 degrees and you would have had the thermo on center!

Author — patrick farinaccio


Will this work on houses that do not have AC but only heat?

Author — aolish


Will this thermostat work with a forced air furnace with a variable speed fan the nest would not work with it

Author — Jack Kerslake


I have this same unit and for sure reason the temps go down to 50°f once in a blue moon with no schedule. I wonder if someone hacked it and playing a prank on me

Author — Randall Lawkin


Hi, do I have to setup the thermostat with a smart hub or can I just use the thermostat's app when I am not home?

Author — NelksTV


Very good video. Thanks. Interested in a video or information source on DYI connection of a control module to the unit for a wireless setup. I need to relocate my thermostat. Thanks again.

Author — jimdandy63


Good thing he describes the app to download.

Author — brandon hiserote


I don't NEED you to "SeLL" me on it?
I already bought it!
I already hooked up my C wire!
This puppy is already Operating!
*WiFi hookup,

Author — Hand Meover


My app wants to know which device I'm installing. The RTF6580WF is not listed. The closest thing listed is a Lyric Smart Controller. When I try to install this device it wants to know "Have you put your panel on Start WAC?" The manual says nothing about that and neither does your video.

Author — Buddy Brown


can i lock the manual wall control so that it can only operate from the app. So that children can't change an d lock a temp in.

Author — Monique Neville


I need help - this thermostat was install by a professional but I have since had to change my wifi name and now the app wont work on my phone. Can you please tell me what steps to take to get this working again? Thank you.

Author — Gaynel13