Shopify | What Is Shopify?

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Shopify | What Is Shopify?

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💬 Comments

Thanks for the information. Can I have one store name on two different platforms. Do you think it’s a good idea to have same store in multiple platforms?

Author — Clive and Caiden


hi, quick question does shopify actually drive traffic to you? or no? i have an etsy shop and do well on there my items sell but that's because they drive traffic to me. so how would this differ? thanks so much! I'm totally new to shopify!

Author — Baking&More


@Linsay Moore Suppose we dropship through;Then the customer receives the product from with their price tag and we obviously sell the product at higher price. Then how to handle this issue? And also please tell something on the process of returning the products.

Author — Shanthan Reddy


This was only slightly better than the Wikipedia article.
So I still have no understanding of what Shopify is and how it works.

Author — tumarfa


When you sell by dropshipping on Shopify, with say, Aliexpress....when the customer clicks a product to buy on your shopify, do you have to actually order the product from aliexpress to ship to them? Or does aliexpress automatically ship to them? I'm confused...

Author — Sharon waters


Ebay seems to be more user friendly so tell me what is the difference?

Author — Lacey Lacroix


Linsay I just set up a shopify store, can I sell digital products on it as an affiliate.

Author — Franca Ibuzo


Hi ms Linsay Moore Can I promote the shopify using your videos?

Author — Neil Fajardo


I want to sell my own items and thing I have bought from a wholesaler. But I need to know how shopify really works.

Author — forrealgirl 42


I have seen some guys saying that it is main problem to source products to sell on Shopify or any other online channels. we are specialized in baby products, such as baby diaper bags, baby carriers, baby clothes or baby toys. or anything other fashion bags, clothes. I am a professional product designer in baby bags, baby carriers and other baby traveling items. I have made a lot of well know brands products, such as Greco, Carter's, Fisher Price, Jeep, Edible Bauer, of course, Colorland, Mes enfants. contact me for sourcing, quality control or anything about product design. thank you!

Author — Colorland Baby Care


ok, but how do customers get the product they paid for? if i dont have the product with me yet i claim that i do, how do customers get the product they paid for?

Author — Living to inspire


Check out my video on What Shopify is and how to get started!

Author — Linsay Moore


why hype it up saying 10k in revenue. your profiting off of arbitrage so what's your net figures look like. be real with ppl.

Author — Professor Xavier's Youtube account for the gifted


Can someone tell me - Why does anyone care about shopify - You just go on Amazon or Ebay or a trusted stores's site in your country - You create a pretty site, BUT, then you have to (continually) pay (marketing, ads, SEO) LOADS of money, to get people to be aware of your existence ?!!?

Author — 1292liam