World Series G7: Giants vs. Royals [Full Game HD]

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World Series G7: Giants vs. Royals [Full Game HD] 4.5

Tim Hudson vs. Jeremy Guthrie

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SPOILER ALERT highlights:

0:15 Pre-game: Commentary, weather, game facts, etc.
0:43 Pre-game: Kansas City Royals starting lineup (defense).

1:33 Top 1st: First pitch.
2:51 Top 1st: Umpire lineup
3:47 Top 1st: Replay of Pablo Sandoval saying pre-game goodbyes to teammates.

6:10 Bot 1st: Kansas City Royals starting lineup (batting order).

22:35 Top 2nd: Michael Morse's sac fly gives Giants 1-0 lead.
24:17 Top 2nd: Brandon Crawford's sac fly gives Giants 2-0 lead.

27:29 Bot 2nd: Alex Gordon doubles in Billy Butler from 1st to make it 2-1 Giants.
28:35 Bot 2nd: Tim Hudson hits Salvador Perez; Perez slow to get up.
34:33 Bot 2nd: Omar Infante's sac fly scores Alex Gordon to tie the game 2-2.
37:35 Bot 2nd: Jeremy Affeldt gets out of the jam by getting Nori Aoki to ground out.

47:28 Bot 3rd: Joe Panik and Brandon Crawford turn amazing double play.

1:02:58 Top 4th: Morse singles off of a 99 MPH fastball to give the Giants a 3-2 lead.

1:17:20 Mid 5th: Madison Bumgarner enters the game, deflating the crowd.

2:07:57 Mid 9th: Madison Bumgarner gets ready to close the door on KC.

2:12:40 Bot 9th: Alex Gordon's hit and Blanco's error extends the drama.
2:16:07 Bot 9th Final pitch.

2:19:05 Postgame: Ken Rosenthal interview with Madison Bumgarner.
2:20:13 Postgame: Erin Andrews interview with Buster Posey.
2:21:24 Postgame: Ken Rosenthal interview with Michael Morse.
2:23:47 Postgame: Erin Andrews interview with Joe Panik.
2:25:41 Postgame: Ken Rosenthal interview with Jeremy Affeldt.

2:27:58 Postgame: Giants fans celebrate in San Francisco.
2:28:15 Postgame: Giants players celebrate in Kansas City, plus trophy presentation.

Author — Raymond


Know what sucks? Being the final out of the World Series with a runner on third.

Author — KPBA


Who's watching in 2020. I gotta watch baseball on here because the dang coronavirus.

Author — Coop and Hunter


Who else watches these to help sleep at night

Author — Jesse williams


When people say Kershaw > Madbum just show them this series

Author — Charles WoodsonGOAT


Notice how the same two cities are playing in the super bowl

Author — ilyPurpled


Thanks for uploading the games. this is the only way i can watch Baseball in austria. Doesn't matter if they are old, i enjoyed it

Author — Doris Repa


You could hear Bumgarner suck the life out of the stadium at times.

Author — Rucifel


People saying the Giants are lucky the MLB added a second wild card. You do realize that the Pirates and Giants had the same reg. season record, right? They would have played a one-game playoff regardless. You don't win 3 rings in 5 years by getting lucky. Being great in the regular season doesn't mean you'll do well in the playoffs. That's why they play the games.

Author — rainafter snowplease


The unsung hero was Jeremy Affeldt.... The guy came in & kept The Royals off the scoreboard & let Madison Bumgarner come in & do the rest...

Author — ogrebattle22763


When Bummy came in the game I knew it was over

Author — UnkwnMessiah


As a diehard Royals fan, this game hurt me so bad.

Author — Enid Rhee-Grimes


Home teams had won 9 straight game 7s.
*Giants, Cubs and Astros say hold my beer.

Author — Jason Milly


The greatest postseason pitching display of all time.

Author — Maxwell Eddy


I love how emotional Buster got when they won it, falling to his knees after hugging Madbum. He wasn't that emotional in either of the other two WS. And Jeremy Affeldt's interview got me all choked up. Also I loved the mid-interview hug from Casilla to Madbum, who used to be so shy with the media in 2010, and even in 2012. Now he seems totally comfortable, which I guess happens by your third WS championship. Giants forever!

Author — misina211


CHAMPIONS 2010, 2012 Y 2014  ¡ YES, YES, YES !



Oh my god, that Marlins fan is at every single Giants world series game since 2010...

Author — Wakko


The Giants bullpen did a monster of a job to win this game....

Author — ogrebattle22763


1:17:20 is when the hearts of royal fans sank because of an inevitable doom.

Author — burger N Fries


I just realized E-40 is the lone Giants fan behind home plate, haha

Author — Brian Biekman