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A short flight in the Flycycle ( road going pedal tricycle and sub 70kg microlight)
Radne Raket engine, empty weight of whole machine 63kg.
I keep it at home, ride to the airstrip, unfold the wings and put the ribs in, preflight check and fly up to 2 hours/70 miles. It is a great aerial photography machine as it can be flown with 1 foot leaving both hands free to take pictures....

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Great little creation and it has so much going for it, looks lovely, easy to move around and fly and full of fun. Put it into a small production run.

Author — insultantable


Amazing and original! Congratulations on creating and demonstrating a flying machine with such character. It would be impressive even if it couldn't be operated as a road vehicle. It's really quite stunning, as if some whimsical steam punk fantasy parade bicycle is suddenly shown to be a mature flying vehicle of evident capabilities. My special request: can you show a video ride-by for full effect, so we can see the whole thing, especially the trailing end of this marvelous setup (another wheel.?)

Author — airchairp


I am passionate about watching aircraft landings, especially at low speeds. It is more pleasant for me to watch this sight than the figures of the most advanced aerobatics. I appeal to all pilots, aircraft designers and video content providers. This is an attractive sight.

Author — Владимир Ильин


Hi. Very good design. Light and very original.
How much hp does the motor have? What helix did you put on it?
How much did the entire structure end up weighing?

Thank you very much and congratulations !!!

Author — gerardodw


How do you handle a situation where you want to carry a lot of speed to the ground on landing, like you would in windy conditions or even an emergency landing? It seems that just landing would force the wing into a higher angle of attack and you would take off again. Similarly, how do you compensate for a crosswind before takeoff or after landing? Since the front gear are connected to the wing it looks like you can’t tilt the wing left or right when it’s on the ground.

It’s a cool idea, but I wonder about the practicality of it.

Author — Scott Schultz


What a wonderful place to fly. Loved the deadstick approach to the hangar. Great Video

Author — Captain Emeritus


This is exactly the thing i would like to build since a long time, do you have pictures, diagrams or plans ?

Author — Delta11


what a cracking little simple flying machine love it, keep the video's coming love to see it in the flesh one day

Author — TheRidgehog


Parabé bola..Vc poderia passar.o projecto?

Author — Vava Gonzáles


Think I saw you riding it along the A4 one morning, thought it might have been a sub 70kg, great little machine. Oh I learnt to fly hang gliders with the late great Mike Atkinson up the road. And, think we landed in the same field N of Abergavenny after a brief hang gliding xc from the Blorenge guessing 1999, thanks

Author — paul robinson


I will see if I can do some plans for the Flycycle. The wing is a Solar Wings Fever hang glider 12 sq.m, which is a small size, the advantage being compactness and the uprights are short so the whole machine can go straight through a 2m high garage door. The kingpost folds down on a pulley. I have increased the flying wires to 3mm diameter, otherwise no modifications. A strutted or topless wing would be better. The rest is 48mm x 1mm 7075-t6 tube, sleeved where needed. The empty weight of the whole aircraft including parachute and 10L fuel is 73kg. The Radne Raket is only just adequate, with me 80kg climb rate is about 150fpm. However once at altitude I can cruise at up to 43mph full power, average XC speed 36mph at 8, 200rpm and about 4LPH, landing and takeoff at about 22mph. I have just got a Vittorazzi 100 Evo paramotor engine which will give a few more hp for the same weight and so better takeoff/climb.
The rear wheel is a 20" BMX wheel, light but strong. Front wheels and forks are 12" folding bike parts.
On this short flight a return spring in my 1.4m centrifugal folding propeller failed, causing some vibration and so I landed early - but not a big problem.

Author — Bill Brooks


Não tem morro..
Não tem ninguém para rebocar...
Eficiente voar ... parabéns

Author — Comando Delta


Hi Bill, I have to take my hat off to you, a friend of mine up near Swindon knows you and told me to take a look and I must say what a wonderful machine you built. I'm wanting to build a sub 70kg as I used to fly trikes a had a group A license that has lapsed. I started back in 1980 when they were not required and I'd like to get back to simple flying. I have an Avian Java with a 155 with a hook in weight of 110 kg and I am 70kg Would you sell at set of plans. Regards John Phizacklea

Author — John Phizacklea



Author — Claudio Casti


I didn’t believe this toy can get off ground ! I got scared at landing. The propeller bent and looked like it is going to fall a part ! Price ?

Author — Sun Shine


I would like to see this taken to the next level. Carbon fiber body sleeker design frame. Loved it

Author — Whispering eagle


I would like to know more, like are there blueprints?

Author — Kurt Gnoske


Would having two wheels at the front help to prevent tipping over during crosswind landings?

Author — Job Chithalan


beautiful, friend 5:36 i saw a propeller spring going out, but is an amazing bike and landscapes, yo make reality my dreams, gettings!

Author — Juan Esteban Figuera


Hello William
Pour moi Une vraie découverte, je ne connaissais pas ce type machine
Vous serait il possible de me donner Son nom, Quelle motorisation, envergure de l'aile si possible sa marque
Sinon belle petite vidéo
Grand merci pour le partage
Au plaisir

Author — 32Willman